Zoisite (anime)

Dark Kingdom

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D Point




Queen Beryl, the other Shitennou


Male (Female in original English dub)



First Appearance

A Powerful New Enemy! Nephrite's Evil Crest


Keiichi Nanba
For his voice actors in the foreign language dubs, please go here.

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Zoisite was the third of the Shitennou to be introduced. This is the first animated depiction of the original manga character.



Zoisite has wavy auburn hair pulled back in a ponytail. The ponytail is held in a green band. Zoisite has a blue-grey suit with green trim. He has a thin black belt, tall black boots, white gloves, and small green stud earrings.


Sailor Moon

Zoisite's first appearance in the anime was during Nephrite's first active episode. He and Nephrite were invariably at odds, always taunting him when one of his plans failed, and becoming crestfallen when Nephrite was still in charge. Upon realizing that Nephrite betrayed the Dark Kingdom, Zoisite sent three of his personal Youma after him, one of which killed Nephrite and took his Black Crystal, though the Sailor Senshi destroyed the Youma. Zoisite took up the reigns immediately after Nephrite's death, where he used the Black Crystal to locate individuals with the Seven Rainbow Crystals inside of them. He was able to successfully obtain some of them, however Tuxedo Mask shared this victory as well.

Eventually Zoisite challenged Tuxedo Mask to a duel for the Rainbow Crystals, under orders from Queen Beryl to bring him to the Dark Kingdom. However, Zoisite deliberately disobeyed Queen Beryl by attempting to immolate Mamoru Chiba in an elevator (ironically bringing Usagi with him by mistake), then stabbing him with an ice crystal, nearly killing him. When the Rainbow Crystals united and merged into the Silver Crystal, Sailor Moon transformed into Princess Serenity and defeated Zoisite with Moon Healing Escalation. Upon his return to the Dark Kingdom, Zoisite was killed by Queen Beryl for his disobedience. He died in Kunzite's arms as Queen Beryl informed Kunzite to let Zoisite's death be a warning to him if he ever harms Prince Endymion.

Near the end of the first season, Zoisite was seen in a flashback of when the Dark Kingdom invaded the Moon Kingdom, standing beside his fellow Shitennou members. He was also mentioned by a dying Kunzite, who knew he was about to meet him on the other side.


Zoisite teleported with an effect of petals surrounding him. He used these petals to also distract Tuxedo Mask and the Sailor Senshi, and he was also capable of transforming them into needles. He has displayed abilities of pyrokinesis as he tried to incinerate Usagi and Mamoru on an elevator. He could also conjure up shards of ice.


  • Zoisite's name is likely derived from a mineral known as zoisite.
  • Zoisite was the only Shitennou who both owned Youma and created other Youma from human beings.
  • In the Russian dub, Zoisite was mistakenly called "Jadeite" in the early episodes.
  • When attacking his foes or using the Black Crystal, Zoisite has a verbal tic of shouting the first syllable of his name.
  • Zoisite's gender changed in several of the dubs, mainly due to his homosexual relationship with Kunzite being considered inappropriate for the target audience of the dubs. The Viz Media English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Russian, Greek, Hungarian, Korean, and Cantonese dubs, as well as the Polish version, were among the ones in which Zoisite remained a man. In the Swedish dub, he was also female but in this case it was because the translators found his original Japanese voice so feminine they didn't realize he was a man in the first place.[1]
  • Zoisite makes a brief cameo in episode 70 of the anime; when Koan hits Yuuichiro, a chibi of him can be seen.
  • He and Kunzite were the first same sex couple followed by Sailors Neptune and Uranus.


His face is PARADISE
Hmm, what
Zoisite after being criticized by Nephrite
Zoisite disguised as Sailor Moon in episode 33
Kunzite gives Zoisite a rose
Zoycite staring around
Zoisite the cutie
Sailor Moon Screenshot 27
Zoi the Bae
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Caps Antagonists Zoisite 02
Tumblr mq9m7eoWKK1r1a0wuo1 1280
Zoisite being eaten by rats
Zoisite being attacked by rats in the sewers
Zoisite summoning fire
Zoycite dies
Zoisite being attacked and killed by Queen Beryl's.arms
Zoisite dying in Kunzite's arms
Zoisite in 70
Zoisite's cameo in episode 70
Zoisite Settei
Character sheet of Zoisite
Design sheet of Zoisite in his Sailor Moon disguise


  1. Sailor Moon in Sweden

Dark Kingdom

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