Yoko Ishida
Ishida Yoko
Full Name

Yoko Ishida


October 7, 1973 (age 40)


A Maiden's Policy
Warrior of Love
Say You Love Me

Yoko Ishida is a Japanese singer from Niigata Prefecture, Japan. Yoko performed a few songs for the Sailor Moon anime. Her debut single was "A Maiden's Policy", the ending to the Sailor Moon R season, and became well-known because of it.

After her debut with the Sailor Moon songs, Yoko has released 17 singles, along with 3 albums. She has also taken parts on collaborations, and she has appeared on radio shows. On 2008, Yoko got married, and had a baby on 2009. Still Yoko continues to sing, and takes parts on expositions.[1]



  • Her blood type is "A".
  • She is 156cm or 5'1".

External Links


  1. Page on Japanese Wikipedia

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