Yasuharu Takanashi
Yasuharu Takanashi (高梨 康治, Takanashi Yasuharu) is a Japanese composer and arranger, as well as a keyboardist, who is slated to be the the series' composer for the new anime series to premiere in Summer 2014.

Yasuharu has also worked on the music for four PreCure series (Fresh PreCure!, HeartCatch PreCure!, Suite PreCure!, and Smile PreCure!), Naruto Shippuden , My Bride is a Mermaid , Fairy Tail , and the Ikki Tousen sequels.[1]


  • He was born April 13,[2]1964, making him about 50 years old at the moment.
  • He was born in Tokyo, Japan.
  • His blood type is AB.
  • His height is 165cm or about 5'5".[3]


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