Mimete with the Witches Electric Warp

The Witches Electric Wrap (ウィッチーズ・エレクトリック・ワープ, U~itchīzu Erekutorikku Wāpu) was a device created by Eudial at some point in time, but she never used it. The device was, instead, used by Mimete. The Witches Electic Warp would increase the user's power, but had a setback: if the power to the machine was cut while the user was inside, the user would be trapped inside forever and would die.

Mimete suffered the setback in episode 120, when Tellu, mad at Mimete for stealing her job, appeared in the shadows while Mimete was in the Electric Warp, holding the power cable of the device in a threatening manner. Tellu explained why Eudial never used it, due to the flaw. Mimete begged Tellu to not pull the power cord, but Tellu replied "Goodbye, idiot", and unplugged the power cord, trapping Mimete inside forever.

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