In the manga, all of the Witches 5 owned a staff , a brown cane whose top twisted like an infinity symbol (∞); the symbol's center contained a black star. It is unknown if all of the Witches owned a staff in the anime.


In both the manga and anime, Mimete was shown using her staff for attacking (using her Charm Buster attack). In the anime, Cyprine and Ptitol were shown using their staves to fire red and blue energy balls at the Sailor Senshi as well as absorb and reflect their attacks. In the manga (and Crystal) all members of the Witches 5 and Kaolinite had their own staff.



Mimete with her staff.
Screen Shot 2012-09-24 at 1.55.47 PM
Cyprine and Ptitol with their staves.
Witches 5 staves
All the Witches 5 with their staves.
Mimete`s staff in Second Anime

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