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Venus Love and Beauty Shock
Vīnasu Rabu ando Byūti Shokku

Venus love whip

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Super Sailor Venus



Items Used

Love Whip (manga)


Rolling Heart Vibration

First Appearance

Act 44 - Dream 6, New Soldiers Dream
Makoto and Minako's Broken Friendship (original anime)

Venus Love and Beauty Shock is an attack that Sailor Venus uses in the manga, anime, musicals, and video games.


In the manga, Sailor Venus used her Love Whip to send a blast of light energy towards her target.

First Anime

In the anime, Venus put out her hand and shouted "Venus!", causing the symbol of Venus to appear and unleash a flurry of yellow sparkles. The sparkles appeared to gloss onto her lips and give her orange lipstick. She then kissed the palm of her hand, forming a yellow heart. Shouting "Love and Beauty Shock!", she threw it and it circled around her, multiplying into several hearts, then back into one glowing heart that was to hit the enemy in an explosion of yellow light.

Venus Love and Beauty Shock

Venus Love and Beauty Shock


Video Games


  • The anime version of this attack is very similar to Sailor Venus' attack in the manga and second anime series, Rolling Heart Vibration.
  • The wreath of roses that appears at the beginning of the attack in both the first anime and manga is a symbol of the Greek goddess, Aphrodite, or the Roman goddess, Venus.