Serenity new dress

Princess Serenity's new dress design

A fan made comic by Moonlight Entertainment. 

When Queen Metalia took over Queen Beryl's body so she can defeat Sailor Moon. She failed. A second before Queen Beryl died, Queen Metalia sent a piece of herself to create another being across the galaxy. The being that she created landed in Zero Star where the seeds of the star were born. Her name was Queen Adriana. She was trapped in a Ice chamber. She needed 5 Sailor Crystals to free herself. She created a Sailor Solider to Earth to find them

You can find more information or read the comic here:

Sailor moon imperium page 171

Sailor Scouts VS Queen Metalia

Princess serenity

Sailor Moon Imperium Poster


Imperium Sailor Moon

Imperium Mini Moon

Imperium Mini Moon

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Inner Senshi's in their princess form

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