Well, in the summer of 2012 or 13 idk anymore, I watched the first episode of Sailor Moon, and since it's fresh on my mind, I'm gonna make a blog describing what each Sailor means to me, whilst simultaneously ranking them. XD

9. Sailor Moon: Though I generally can't relate to her, I can say that she is somewhat of a symbol for improving oneself. She started out as an immature crybaby who didn't seem to deserve her abilities as Sailor Moon, but by the end, she had become SO MUCH more than what she started out as.

8. Sailor Uranus: I have a great amount of respect for Haruka's character. To me, she represents courage, and the willpower to break gender norms.

7. Sailor Pluto: Sailor Pluto is kind of strange. She is prolly the least developed, but at the same time she has this mystique built up around her. To me, she represents self-sacrifice, and the extreme kindness it takes to put others before oneself.

6. Sailor Neptune: I have great respect for Michiru's character. She's refined, elegant, talented, and one of the bigger mysteries within the Sailor Senshi. She, like Haruka and Setsuna, has a huge amount of self-sacrifice when it comes down to it. To me, she is a symbol of mystery and appreciation for music.

5. Sailor Venus: Unfortunately, Minako is one of the less interesting members of the original five. She wants to be an idol, and that's it. At least until we dive into her past in London (90s anime, only). It's only after taking up acting that I truly respect her. To me, she represents hopes and dreams.

4. Sailor Saturn: Saturn is incomprehensibly powerful. Her design screams mystery, and she has to pay huge prices to simply attack. The fact that all of this power rests within a sickly, shy little girl is so amazing to me. Needless to say, I see her as a symbol of potential.

3. Sailor Mars: When I first started SM, I HATED her. Then we see just how vital she is to the story of the anime, at least. Rei has the advantage of being the closest thing to a deuteragonist the 90s anime had. What struck me the most about her character, though, is how she can go from teasing Usagi to protecting her at all costs. Her abridged counterpart is also hilarious. I see her as a symbol of protecting what's important.

2. Sailor Jupiter: Ah, where do I start? She's freaking awesome. Her backstory is among the saddest in the series. She also has the advantage of a great design, ample development, and a softer inner nature. I see her as a symbol of moving on.

1. Sailor Mercury: Oh god, where to begin. Let me just go ahead and get all of the review stuff summed up in a single word: PERFECT. She has been a huge symbol of hope throughout my life. I started Sailor Moon mere months after being diagnosed with Asperger's, and was very shy and focused purely on my studies. Mercury, to me, is a symbol of hope for those shy and unathletic people out there. She proves that even people who have a hard time talking to others can make a difference.

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