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Usagi Tsukino
月野 うさぎ
Tsukino Usagi
Full Name

Usagi Tsukino


Moon Kingdom, Crystal Tokyo

Resides in

Azabu-Juuban, Minato-ku, Tokyo


Juuban Municipal Junior High School Student (arcs 1-3)
Juuban Municipal High School student (arcs 4-5)


Odango, Bunny, Bun-head, Dumpling head, Sailor Moon


Sailor Moon, Super Sailor Moon, Eternal Sailor Moon, Princess Serenity, Neo-Queen Serenity


Solar System Sailor Senshi, Luna, Naru Osaka


June 30th () [1]


14 (arcs 1-2)
15 (arcs 3-4)
16 (arc 5)


150 cm or 4'11"





Blood Type



Ikuko Tsukino, Kenji Tsukino, Shingo Tsukino


Eating, sleeping, reading manga, shopping, playing video games, the color white, ice cream, cake, sweets, home economics


Carrots, math, English class, dentists, ghosts

First Appearance

Act 1 - Usagi, Sailor Moon

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"Yes. New futures will always continue to be created. And there, light and darkness, war and hope, life and death, joy and pain, will all exist. Everything, this is this universe"
— Usagi's quote from Act 59 - Stars 10
Usagi Tsukino is the present-day form of Princess Serenity and the civilian identity of Sailor Moon. This is the original depiction of the character created by Naoko Takeuchi.

A carefree sailor-suited schoolgirl, she is the civilian persona of Sailor Moon, leader of the series' primary heroines, the Sailor Senshi. She is also the love interest and future wife of Mamoru Chiba.


Usagi is a schoolgirl who lives in 20th Century Tokyo. She is shown to not view life with a great deal of seriousness, goofing off and oftentimes neglecting activities, such as schoolwork to play video games or spend time with her friends. In the beginning of the series, she acts somewhat immature and describes herself as a bit of a crybaby. Despite this, she acts friendly towards many people and tends to help others out with their problems. As the series progresses, she slowly matures and learns how to make decisions for herself as well.

At the start of the series, she is 14 years old and she is in her second year of middle school. Near the end of the series, she is 16 years old and she goes to high school.


Usagi has long, golden blonde hair kept parted in the center and typically tied into two buns/pigtails, odango hairstyle, and sky blue eyes. She is described as being one of the shortest Senshi, said to be standing at 4'11" (possibly 5'0" or a bit taller in later volumes).


Codename: Sailor V

Usagi in Codename Sailor V Chapter 5

Minako walking past Usagi in Volume 5.

Before she appeared in Sailor Moon, she appeared in Codename: Sailor V in both Vol.5 - The Machinations of the Dark Agency and Vol.6 - Showdown! Sailor V vs Cyber-Girl Warrior Lurga. In the former, she was seen looking at a poster advertising the Sailor V game (as well as possibly attending a Dark Guys concert at the beginning of the chapter). In Volume 6, she and Naru Osaka were outside of Game Center Crown, with Usagi wanting to go inside and play the Sailor V game, only to be stopped by Naru, who was afraid that they might be seen by one of their teachers and get into trouble.

In Vol.12 - Pet Chapter 2, Wan-Wan's Schemes!, Usagi and Naru are seen outside a bridal shop, admiring a wedding dress in the shop's window.

Dark Kingdom arc

In Act 1, Usagi is seen running to school when she steps on a strange black cat. Noticing a layer of bandages on its head, she removes them and finds a crescent moon symbol. She arrives at school where she is forced to stand out in the hallway as punishment for being late. She also gets scolded by Haruna for getting 30 percent on her test.

Usagi goes to Osa-P jewelry store with Naru to take part in a sale, where she briefly browses the inventory before leaving. She scrunches up her test and throws it over her shoulder, hitting Mamoru Chiba, who scolds her and makes fun of her test results. After this encounter, she goes to Game Center Crown to play the Sailor V Game. At Game Center Crown, she sees the same cat from that morning. When she arrives a home, her mother finds out about her tests results and gets kicked out of the house, only to be allowed back in after she started to cry and scream because she kicked the house door. When she goes into her room, she takes a nap insead of working on her homework and dreams about being in the Sailor V game and saving Motoki Furuhata, a worker at Game Center Crown, and the black cat. She is, however, woken up by the cat, who scratches her in the face for calling her crescent moon symbol a bald spot. The cat introduces herself as Luna and gives Usagi a brooch that allows her to transform herself into Sailor Moon. Usagi gets a call that her friend, Naru, is in danger and she runs to her rescue.

When she arrives, Naru is being attacked by a monster from Dark Kingdom. The monster asks for Usagi's identity and Usagi's instinct makes her say her legendary Sailor Moon speech. After a failed attempt to fight, Usagi falls on the floor and starts crying. Her hair accessory then releases high frequency waves and makes the civilians unconscious. A man in a tuxedo then appears and encourages Usagi to defeat the enemy. Usagi defeats her very first enemy with "Moon Tiara Boomerang". The man presents himself as Tuxedo Mask and leaves with a romantic parting phrase. This makes Usagi immediately fall in love with him. The next day, everything is back to normal and Usagi stands with her arms crossed and Luna on her shoulder, confused over these events not being a dream.

In the next chapter, Usagi is being irritated of having Luna watching her and Luna informs about the enemy and her mission. By the help of Luna, Usagi meets a girl named Ami Mizuno. Usagi introduces Ami to the game center, where she beats the Sailor V game's high score and obtains a pen. After some angry hits at the machine, Usagi gets one as well. When the two girls leave, Usagi tells Ami to address her by her first name and asks if she can call her new friend "Ami-chan", which Ami gladly agrees on.

The next day Ami is too busy with something called "The Crystal Seminar" and can't talk. Usagi gets a flyer and finds out that the school is using some kind of "Crystal disc" that can make one more intelligent, which Luna suggests would be a good idea. Usagi disagrees and throws the paper away, so it accidentally hits Mamoru's face and he almost heard Luna talk. Later, Usagi and Luna investigates the disc and discovers a brainwashing program. Usagi uses her new pen to disguise herself into a doctor and runs into the Crystal Seminar to save the students. She transforms into Sailor Moon and battles the enemy. Ami reveals her power and creates a mist. With the help of Tuxedo Mask, Usagi lays a kick on the enemy and Tuxedo Mask leaves with a warning. Usagi then defeats the enemy with her "Moon Tiara Boomerang" again. Ami Mizuno is transformed into Sailor Mercury, who is the first found ally of Sailor Moon.

In act 3, Usagi sleeps in class and gets woken up by Luna. They decide to have a meeting with Ami after school and the cat leaves while surprising the teacher. Their meeting is located at the game center, where Luna informs that their mission is to find and protect their princess and the "Legendary Silver Crystal". Usagi achieves two wrist watchers from the game machine, which are taken by Luna and made into communicators. On the way home, Usagi hears about a beautiful girl who usually takes the 5.00 PM bus and also something called the "Demon 6.00 PM bus". Luckily, the two girls are riding with the first one and she sees a T.A Girls' Academy student, with long black hair and a serious expression. Usagi decides to follow her because of her beauty. She arrives to a shrine, but is being attacked by ravens and the girl performs an exorcism on Usagi. The girl apologizes. but says that her ravens, Phobos and Deimos, sensed an evil aura nearby. After some more rumors about the "Demon 6.00 PM bus", the girl, who's name seems to be Rei Hino, states her thoughts about the disappearances as "Being spirited away".

The rumors about the "Demon 6.00 PM bus" goes on the following day, so Luna suggests that they should investigate this and speak to Rei again, with the idea that she could be an ally. Usagi, however, thinks that she could be the enemy instead. They take the 5.00 PM bus, where they meet Mamoru for the third time. He reveals to be a 2nd high school student from Moto-Azabu high school. Usagi catches a glimpse of Mamoru Chiba in profile and gets reminded about Tuxedo Mask. She quickly turns away when he looks at her and Mamoru suddenly says "Guardian of justice", which completely startles both Usagi and Luna. When they get off, they are relieved that Usagi's identity wasn't discovered. They see Rei being blamed for the incidents with the lost children, but are unable to help and walks away. Suddenly, the "Demon 6.00 PM bus" passes by, with Rei being trapped inside, and drives into a big portal. Usagi transforms herself into a stewardess, with the duty of looking after passengers safety, and jumps on the bus. She drops Luna and is left alone with the enemy for the first time.

Usagi arrives in some other dimension and finds Rei with Jadeite. She and Ami use their transformation power in order to transport Ami into the dimension as well. Jadeite notices the intruders and takes Rei as a hostage. Ami releases her "Aqua Mist", which he turns into drops of ice. Usagi uses her "Moon Tiara Boomerang" to trap Jadeite. Rei turns into Sailor Mars and kills Jadeite with her exorcism attack. They save the children and leave the dimension. Now Usagi/Sailor Moon has found her third ally, Sailor Mars.

As usual, Usagi has rush to her school in the morning. Today Princess D is coming to japan, to reveal a hidden treasure. Usagi, Rei and Ami sets a meeting in the game center after school, where Rei and Ami is trying to get more information about their mission, while Usagi plays on the game machine. The sailor guardians have not fully awakened yet, so their memories are still sealed. They decide to visit Princess D's party, so Usagi transforms herself into a princess. She gets carried away and eventually gets lost. Tuxedo Mask suddenly appears and invites her to dance. He then leaves without a sign. Princess D rushes out from her room with the treasure, hypnotized by the enemy, and after an attempt to stop her, Usagi falls of the balcony. Tuxedo Mask catches her, but they both fall. However, Usagi's pen turns into an umbrella and saves them both. Tuxedo Mask thanks her and disappears. Usagi turns into Sailor Moon, but suddenly remembers that she lost her tiara. A sudden warm feeling reaches her and a new tiara appears. She uses it to attack the enemy with "Moon Twilight Flash". After the defeat, Usagi accidentally drinks a glass of alcohol and gets drunk. She bumps into Tuxedo Mask, who carries her to the balcony and kisses her. This will be remembered as Usagi's and Tuxedo Mask's very first kiss.

Black Moon arc

Infinity arc

Dream arc

Stars arc


Usagi's signature hairstyle derives from a "good luck charm" of the artist's. In college, Naoko Takeuchi would put her own hair up in odango before difficult class exams.[2] By the intermediate stages of development, Takeuchi planned to have the character's hair be blonde in civilian form and change to silver when she transformed, but she was told by her editor that silver hair would be too plain for cover art. Stylistic use of differently-colored hair does sometimes appear in later artwork. Out of all the Sailor Senshi, Usagi's personality is closest to Takeuchi's own personality at the time that the series was created.[3]

Certain background details of Usagi's character were chosen symbolically for instance, her Western astrological sign is given as Cancer, which in astrology corresponds to the moon. In reference to a popular Japanese belief, her blood type is given as O, supposedly indicating friendliness, optimism, and carelessness.


The kanji of Usagi's surname translate as "moon" (月, tsuki) and "field" (野, no).

Her given name is in hiragana (うさぎ, usagi) and so its meaning is not inherent, but the word itself means "rabbit" and this is used as a pun frequently throughout the series, even in her hairstyle and possessions.

Her entire name is structured as a pun, as the syllable "no" can indicates a possessive, if it would have been written as の, so that her name can also be understood as "Rabbit of the Moon." This derives from a Japanese folktale about the rabbit that is said to be visible in the Moon's face, much like the Western Man in the Moon.

The English-language manga gives her the nickname Bunny to partially preserve this pun; many other localizations use the name Bunny as well. "Usagi" is not a common given name in Japan.

Her name completely in hiragana/katakana would be "つきのうさぎ" (Tsukino Usagi).


  • Usagi was the only character to appear in all of the acts in the manga.
  • Usagi's family take their names from the real family members of the metaseries' creator, Naoko Takeuchi.
  • In the manga, she is kissed by Mamoru Chiba, Prince Demande (unwillingly), Kou Seiya and Haruka Tenou (twice, unwillingly).
    • In the manga Usagi slaps Demande immediately after he kisses her, in the anime she also cries but she is saved by Tuxedo Mask before Demande kisses her.
  • She is hinted to have a physical relationship with Mamoru; she was seen sleeping with him in the last volume of the manga. She is seen sleeping with him once again on the cover of "Sailor Moon Short Stories Volume 2".
  • "The Rabbit of the Moon" derives from a Japanese folktale about the rabbit that is said to be visible in the Moon crater's surface, much like the Western Man in the Moon.
  • Usagi's crush on Motoki is not as big in the manga as it was in the anime.
  • Her dream is to be a bride.
  • In Ami's Exam Battle Story, Usagi questions "Who's that?" when Ami mentions Albert Einstein.[4]
  • In one piece of official artwork, Usagi's name is Romanized as "Usagi Tukino".


For images of the manga incarnation of Usagi Tsukino, please see Usagi Tsukino/Image Gallery.


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