Unshou Ishizuka
石塚 運昇
Ishizuka Unshō
Unsho Ishizuka
Full Name

Yukinori Ishizuka (石塚 運昇, Ishizuka Yukinori)


May 16, 1951



BirthplaceKatsuyama, Fukui Prefecture, Japan



Voice actor, actor, narrator

SM Roles

Japanese anime:
Tetsurou Yoshinogawa/Sailor Chef

Unshou Ishizuka is a Japanese voice actor who voiced Tetsurou Yoshinogawa/Sailor Chef in the first anime series.

Other roles of his include Jet Black in Cowboy Bebop, the older version of Joseph Joestar in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders. the Narrator, Professor Samuel Oak/Professor Okido and multiple other characters in the Pokémon anime series, Bunta Fujiwara in Initial D, Mr. Satan in Dragon Ball Z Kai (after Daisuke Gōri's death), and Souga in Fist of the North Star: The Legends of the True Savior.[2]

He is currently affiliated with Aoni Production. He was formerly affiliated with Accent. In addition to his many anime roles, he has also done a lot of narration, dubbing roles, special effect roles, and voicing on CDs.[1]


  • His blood type is A.[3]
  • He enjoys golfing[3] and biking.[1]
  • His height is 168cm.[3]


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