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Transformation Pen
Henshin Pen

Ami Mizuno, Rei Hino, Makoto Kino, Minako Aino

Used for

Transforming into their regular, standard Senshi form


Water/Ice/Steam (Sailor mercury)
Fire/Flame (Sailor Mars
Lightning/Plants (Sailor Jupiter
Light (Sailor Venus

Transformation Phrase(s)

Mercury Power, Make Up
Mars Power, Make Up
Jupiter Power, Make Up
Venus Power, Make Up

First Appearance
The Transformation Pens were the first magical transformation items that the four Inner Senshi had used in both the manga, first anime series, and the second anime series. It allows each one to transform into her regular, standard Sailor form.

Manga Series

In the manga, the first time Ami received her pen, she actually was seen using it for writing before using it for transformation. The Sailor Senshi sacrificed their pens, in order to awaken Sailor Moon, who was within Metaria at the time. These pens were eventually replaced by the much stronger and more powerful Star Power Sticks.

First Anime Series

In the original anime, Luna was the one who had given Ami, Rei, and Makoto their mystical transformation pens, while Artemis had given Minako hers (though never shown on screen). All the Sailor pens had each Sailor Soldiers' own planetary symbol engraved on the cap as well her own signature color: Dark blue for Sailor Mercury, dark red for Mars, dark green for Jupiter, and orange for Sailor Venus.

Second Anime Series

In the second anime, Ami won her pen by playing the Sailor V game while Luna gave Rei and Makoto their transformation pens, and Artemis was the one who gave Minako her pen, all pens look identical except Minako's, as hers was a different style more like a pencil with a cap and a star on the top, unlike Ami, Rei and Makoto's Pen, they look identical in the original anime except the planetary symbols on each Senshi are never engraved in the caps.


  • In the anime, all the Inner Senshi had identical transformation pens (except for the color and sign), but in the manga and the second anime Sailor Venus had a different pen that came from her Sailor V times.
  • The term "transformation pen" can also be used to refer to any other pen-type transformation devices.


Mercury henshin
Sailor Mercury's Pen
Sailor Mars' Pen
Sailor Jupiter's Pen
Sailor Venus's Pen
Mercury Transformation Pen - SMC
Mercury's pen after playing the Sailor V game
Sailor Mars' pen

Transformation Pen Anime Design
Transformation Pen Anime Design Sheet
Sun Star Prism Stationery
Prism Stationery Set (November 2014).
Mercury Pen
Mercury Transformation Pen.
Mars Pen
Mars Transformation Pen.
Venus Pen
Venus Transformation Pen.
Jupiter Pen
Jupiter Transformation Pen.

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