Toon Makers, Inc., alternatively known simply as Toon Makers, is a North American animation company who almost developed their own version of Sailor Moon, which was to be shown on the FOX network.

In the early 1990s, with permission from Bandai, they teamed up with Power Rangers producers Renaissance Atlantic, and rather than dubbing the series in English, they pitched a series to FOX to make a completely different "Americanized" version of the successful Japanese franchise Sailor Moon. The project would show the animation work of their company, and live-action productions of "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" producers, Renaissance Atlantic.

For conflicting reasons unknown, Toon Makers involvement with Sailor Moon went into obscurity and their project was sadly never aired.

Instead, animation company DiC was given permission to dub the series in English.


Toon Makers is based in the Los Angeles area.

Some of their more well known projects include; Tom and Jerry:The Movie, Back to the Future:The Animated Series, and Fievel Goes West.


  • Toon Makers originally created the North American Sailor Moon logo, which Bandai, DiC and other companies would later earn the rights to use.

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