Thunder and Lightning Antenna

Jupiter Thunderbolt
Supreme Thunder
Supreme Thunder Dragon
Also helped carry out both Sparkling Wide Pressure and Jupiter Oak Evolution

The Thunder and Lightning Antenna is an antenna that is attached to Sailor Jupiter's tiara and is used in all continuities of the series.


This antenna carries out some of her attacks. It functions and looks like a golden lightning rod.


  • In the series, the antenna was never given a name. However, on the official website, it was referred to as the Thunder and Lightning Antenna.
  • The antenna only extends when she uses it for attacks.
  • In the DiC dub, it was called Jupiter's Thunder Antenna and in the CWi dub it was called Jupiter's Lighting Antenna.


Thunder and Lighting Antenna
The Thunder and Antenna in the manga.
The Antenna in the original anime.
Thunder-Lighting Tiara
The antenna attached to Jupiter's tiara in the original anime.
Thunder and Lightning AntennaSMC2
The thunder and Lightning Antenna in Second Anime

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