• When will the third season of Sailor Moon Crystal be dubbed in English?

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    • When Queen Chrysalis dies or reforms in MLP.

      I know. I really want it to get dubbed too, but it's been too long since the Japanese version has come out, where Season 2 was dubbed immediately after Season 1, so I think the dub stops at Season 2.

      Which makes me really angry, coz the disintegrations looked a lot better done in this season than in the first two (having seen japanese clips of the deaths). Especially liked when Sailor Neptune took out the Witches 5 (and my favorite was closest to the screen) but I refuse to watch episodes that aren't dubbed.

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    • KillRoy231: The dub does NOT stop at season 2. That's not true at all. Viz is just taking a long hitaus for awhile from Crystal. They've been too busy working on releasing the second boxed set and releasing the R re-dub film which they took awhile re-dubbing it. Re-dubbing/dubbing anything Sailor Moon is a lot of hard work and can be very stressful. And Viz doesn't have much to work with either. They don't have much money. You want them to update faster then donate money to them then and I'm sure they'll work faster. But I bet you won't.

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    • okay here the thing about the english dub for season 3. idk if it going to happen at all since the company for the english dubb does want to do it anymore. sailor moon crystal is how ever going to run in for 5 season in japan as it main network wants to keep it going till it true end. however if the dubbing does come out it will after SAILOR MOON CRYSTAL II aka sailor moon crystal 4 the dream arc eclispe will probably be out this summer since the earth actual solar eclipse is happing then. hmm and according to the dubbing of the original manga this season is going to be infinite moon crisis make up. then final one is cosmic moon see u guys soon none the les 

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    • I heard that Part 2 of Sailor Moon S is being released in June.

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    • Sailor Moon Crystal Season III's English Dub will be released soon. Just not at the momment for two reasons.

      1. They are trying to get Sailor Moon S [Redubbed] Part 2 out in time for the June release.

      2. They were spending their time remastering Sailor Moon R The Movie, like putting it in full screen and putting the entire footage in HD.

      I am predicting SMC Season 3's English Dub will be released in July to December of this year. Hope this solved your question.

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    • Oh, happy day!

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    • Part 2 of Sailor Moon S is released yesterday.

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    • A FANDOM user
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