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Will there be a Season 4 of Crystal?

  • Initially I was saying I wouldn't be too disappointed if there wasn't, because I didn't like the Amazon Quartet too terribly and I prefer a female Fish Eye over a male one (though the male Zoisite was my favorite of the four commanders), but then I remembered.

    Queen Nehelenia.

    She'd be the main villain there, right? If there is a Season 4, will Crystal have the mind to finish her off, something the original dub never did (she's the only villain to neither die or turn good in the dub, of course the Japanese had Sailor Stars where she did find redemption)? If so, I hope it's spectacular, like on a Queen Beryl and Wiseman in the original anime scale. (I want to say Wiseman in Crystal, but as he was a planet at the time it might be difficult to do to Nehelenia unless she's on the Dark Moon and it's blown up, or else merges with it like Wiseman did to Nemesis, or simply takes some disembodied form of darkness)

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    • I think there will be a fourth season. They are probably just taking their time so they can distribute merchandise. There's also the upcoming musical which will be based on the Dream arc, so they are not feeling the urgency to finish the fourth season so quickly.

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    • I'm still not sure coz the third season hasn't even been dubbed yet, nor do I think it ever will due to it being the darkest (like how Cloverway had to take over for Dic from S (S3) onward, and Crystal aims to be fairly family-friendly (are some violent deaths but nothing too graphic, and use of "damn" and "hell" but not any language worse than that, and pretty much no sexual content).

      So, I guess it doesn't even matter to me because of course I have to go by the English dubs, and I'll rage if there is a Season 4, they destroy Queen Nehelenia, and Seasons 3 and 4 never get dubbed for me to really enjoy it. Besides, I want to know what Pharaoh 90 would sound like in Crystal, and be able to watch the Witches 5's spectacular death at the hands of Sailor Neptune in English (my favorite one, Tellu/Telulu, who I was hoping would be killed by Sailor Neptune, is even closest to the screen when she disintegrates, and Season 3 has really improved the disintegrations, only ones from Seasons 1 and 2 that really impressed me were Koan and Wiseman, honorable mention to Petz)

      Getting a little off-topic here. I would like to see a Season 4 to see where they go with Nehelenia, even though a male Fish Eye will be harder to adjust to than a male Zoisite because, as I knew her, Fish Eye seemed like one of those "aquatic female" archetypes I kinda like and I thought she was kinda cute. But it'll be worth it if Nehelenia can be spectacularly destroyed, onscreen and more climactic than Pharaoh 90 whose death was so slow he was offscreen in his realm when it happened. I think Super S should have had Nehelenia vaporized in the final beam struggle with the Gold Crystal, the final episode was kinda anticlimactic there

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    • Good news. There's finally gonna be a sequel to Sailor Moon Crystal.

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    • False rumor. Wikipedia previously said there was, but that has been removed now

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    • KillRoy231 wrote: False rumor. Wikipedia previously said there was, but that has been removed now

      Actually that information is still on Wikipedia, which does use the ANN article as a source.

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      It is still not 100% confirmed and if you read the Manga, Nehelenia doesn't ever fuse with a planet what so ever. She'll be sealed away in a mirror for a huge chunk of the story and won't be healed sadly. In the manga, it seems like villains can never be redeemed besides the Amazoness Quartet and partially the Shittenou. The anime is far more lighter than the manga and crystal. Nehelenia will be sealed away back in a mirror soon after defeat and turned into an old shriveled lady and dies.

      The Amazoness Quartet were originally senshi brainwashed by Nehelenia, so after the Dream arc, if there's gonna be a 5th season of SMC, they'll be returning as the Sailor/Senshi Quartet or the Asteroid Quartet. I hope that does clear a few things for you!

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    • Unknown

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    • I hope Rei will still be nice to Usagi as she wasn't in Season 3.

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    • When is Season 4 coming out?

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    • LukeMan927 wrote:
      When is Season 4 coming out?

      When the sun rises in the west and sets in the east...

      but seriously, Toei just made an early announcement just to string us fans along, so they can sell SM stuff for the next year or two. 

      Oh and to keep things on topic, Rei will behave herself this time.

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    • Ah, that's what that was all about. Just like Hasbro probably made DHX keep Queen Chrysalis alive and evil by the end of the Season 6 finale of MLP to keep the audience with the show past the point where it jumps the shark - which may well be Season 7 - even though they clearly aren't about to bring her back.

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    • A Fandom user
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