• Initially I was saying I wouldn't be too disappointed if there wasn't, because I didn't like the Amazon Quartet too terribly and I prefer a female Fish Eye over a male one (though the male Zoisite was my favorite of the four commanders), but then I remembered.

    Queen Nehelenia.

    She'd be the main villain there, right? If there is a Season 4, will Crystal have the mind to finish her off, something the original dub never did (she's the only villain to neither die or turn good in the dub, of course the Japanese had Sailor Stars where she did find redemption)? If so, I hope it's spectacular, like on a Queen Beryl and Wiseman in the original anime scale. (I want to say Wiseman in Crystal, but as he was a planet at the time it might be difficult to do to Nehelenia unless she's on the Dark Moon and it's blown up, or else merges with it like Wiseman did to Nemesis, or simply takes some disembodied form of darkness)

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