The Redness of Ruby ~ The Island Trip to Buy Dreams
ルビーの赤 ~ 夢を買います島の旅
Rubi no Aka ~ Yume wo Kaimasu Shima no Tabi

Kanako Yamamoto (first part)
Fumina Hara, Hisano Akamine, Eri Kanda, Emi Kuriyama, Nao Inada, Nao Takagi, Sara Shimada, Seiko Nakazawa, Mao Mita, and Hironari Amano (second part)
All noted above except Sara Shimada, replaced by Yuuka Asami (revision)

The Redness of Ruby ~ The Island Trip to Buy Dreams was a song that was featured in the Sera Myu musical, "Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon ~ Legend of Kaguya Island" and in its revision.

The song had two halves. In the first half, Leah Ruby explains her evil plans. In the second half, Usagi, AmiRei, MakotoMinako, Haruka, Michiru, Setsuna, Hotaru and Mamoru, sing about going to Kaguya Island.


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