Tetsuya Iwanaga
Iwanaga Tetsuya
Tetsuya Iwanaga

June 24, 1970



BirthplaceMusashino, Tokyo, Japan

Voice actor

SM Roles

Japanese anime:
Gum Mario

Tetsuya Iwanaga is a Japanese voice actor who voiced Gum Mario in the first anime series.

Other roles of his include Makoto Mizuhara in "El-Hazard", Kensuke Aida in "Neon Genesis Evangelion", Tomohisa Kaname in "Puella Magi Madoka Magica", Sei-Lan in the "Angelique" OVA series, and Ken Masters in many "Street Fighter" fighter video games.[1]

He was originally affiliated with mixmax as of April 2009,[2], and before that with Arts Vision, the Japan Narration-Acting Institute, and Mediarte Entertainment Works Co., Ltd, but he is a freelance voice actor as of 2012.[3]


  • His blood type is A.[3]
  • His nicknames are Tetchan (てっちゃん), Tetsu (哲), and Tetsu-kun (哲くん).[3]
  • He enjoys walking, ghost stories, and climbing, cream puffs, cherry tea and black bean tea, beer, karukan, and sushi, and a variety of other foods.[3]
  • He is a fan of Junji Inagawa.[3]


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