Used for

Sucking energy (manga)
Stealing Pure Heart Crystals (anime)

The Tellun was a plant designed and created by Tellu of the Witches 5 in both the manga and the anime.


Tellu in disguise sold Telluns to customers. When the Telluns bloomed they would extract people's souls in order to offer it to Pharaoh 90. Tellu was confronted by the Senshi who put a stop to her plan.

Original Anime

Tellu disguised herself and opened a store to sell the Telluns. Once the Telluns bloomed, they would extract Pure Heart Crystals anyone nearby, which Tellu would collect in her star-shaped broach. Sailor Moon, Sailor Chibi Moon, Sailor Pluto, and Tuxedo Mask confront her and Super Sailor Moon destroys all but one Tellun. Tellu uses a growth chemical turning the one Tellun into a Hyper Tellun to attack the Senshi. Tuxedo Mask destroys Tellu's broach, freeing the Pure Heart Crystals, tricking the Hyper-Tellun into attack Tellu. Tellu tried to use her attack to get it to release her, but instead destroyed both her and the Tellun.


They had the same use as what they did in the manga, but bared more resemblance to the 90's anime counterparts.

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