Takkou Ishimori
Ishimori Takkō
Takkou Ishimori
Full Name

Tatsuyuki Ishimori


January 11, 1932

Died on

June 5, 2013



BirthplaceHashima Island, Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan[1]

Voice actor, actor

SM Roles

Japanese anime:
Albert pon Garajan/Sailor Conductor

Takkou Ishimori was a Japanese voice actor who voiced Albert pon Garajan/Sailor Conductor in the first anime series

Other roles of his included Yoshimune in "Buzzer Beater", Sengoku in "One Piece", Maestro in "Seimei no Kagaku Micro Patrol", Doba Ajiba in "Space Runaway Ideon", and Robert in "Super Dimension Century Orguss".[2]

Before his death, he was affiliated with Arts Vision. He was also one of the founders of Theater Echo. He had also had many dubbing roles.[3]

Takkou died on June 5, 2013 from heart failure.[1]


  • His nickname was "Old Man of Speech" (言論のじじい).[1]
  • His blood type was B.[1]
  • His height was 163cm or 5'4".[1]


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