Super Moonies
Super Moonies

Bianca Hanif (also known as "Kisu")
Gabriela Gottschalk (as Sailor Moon)
Jascha Anantaponge (as Tuxedo Mask)

Years active


Super Moonies was a German pop group that performed almost all of the songs in the German dub of the Sailor Moon anime. The band formed in 1998, the year when they released their first album, "Sailor Moons Welt". Their last album, "Silver Millennium – Best of Super Moonies", was released in 2000.

Band members

  • Bianca "Kisu" Hanif - The lead singer of the band. On album covers and other pictures promoting the band, she often wore a black and white sailor fuku. Additionally, her nickname "Kisu" is the Japanese pronunciation for the English word "kiss".
  • Gabriela Gottschalk - A background dancer who cosplayed as Sailor Moon in live performances and photos. She was also a member of the groups "Hot Banditoz" and "ChixxClique", as well as a choreographer and dancer for musical acts such as Outkast and Mariah Carey.[1]
  • Jascha Anantaponge - A background dancer who cosplayed as Tuxedo Mask in live performances and photos. He was also the only male member of the band.


Aside from these albums, the group was also featured on all of the Die Superhits Für Kids albums.

Associations With Blumchen (Jasmin Wagner)

As both acts perform the same genre of music it's unsurprising that they were associated at times, indeed the first German opening sounds a lot like it was performed by Blumchen. Super Moonies were seen in Blumchen's biography video Blumchen 95-98. The band's choreography was done by Kris Mohfanz who also did the choreography for Blumchen's Jasmin Live 1998 Tour. Bianca and Gabby appeared in both videos of Blumchen's song ist Deine liebe echt in 2000. 


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