Dark Thunder

First Appearance

Cold Hearted Rubeus! The Four Sisters of Sorrow

The Stick was a weapon that Petz used in Sailor Moon R.

It was made from the Malefic Black Crystal. Within the orb on the top of the rod, there is the same kind of gemstone seen whenever a Droid was vanquished. Rubeus, who was provided with this item by Wiseman, gave the Stick to Petz with the claim that it would increase her power and allow her to destroy not only the Sailor Senshi but also her two sisters who had betrayed the Black Moon Clan. In truth, however, he intended for the Stick to destroy all four of the Sisters and preferably the Senshi as well.

Whilst it had the power to magnify one's powers tenfold, it also magnified the Darkness within, one's negative emotions. It brought out the worst in Petz, to the point where she even turned on her sister Calaveras; the effects of which ended when she was disarmed of it. When Petz attacked the Senshi, Sailor Mercury used her computer to discover that it was the Stick amplifying her powers. Sailor Venus) used Venus Love-Me Chain to knock the Stick out of Petz's hand, at which point Rubeus appeared and displayed the Stick's true power by creating a dimensional hole that would suck everything into it. Petz attempted to destroy the Stick with Dark Power but failed, and the Sailor Senshi finally used Sailor Planet Power to destroy it and close the hole.


  • The name "Black Moon Stick" is only a fan-given name, as no official sources called it anything other than simply "Stick".
    • In the English Dub, it was called the "NegaMoon Strove/Strobe".
  • Though Petz used the Black Moon Stick for the attack called Dark Thunder, she also used an unnamed lightning attack as well as Dark Power without it.

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