Stephanie Beard
Sugar Lynn Beard - IMDb
Full Name

Stephanie Lyn Beard


August 27, 1981



BirthplaceCochrane, Ontario, Canada

Actress, voice actress, singer, radio host

SM Roles

English dub:
Rini Tsukino/Sailor Mini Moon (second voice)

Stephanie Beard is an English voice actress who was the second voice of Rini Tsukino/Sailor Mini Moon in the English dub of the first anime series.

After Sailor Moon's conclusion, she acquired her own radio show in Canada and she called herself "Sugar Baby". She also made a parody of the song "The Real Slim Shady" titled "The Real Sugar Baby" which became popular on websites such as YouTube. The radio show ended a few years ago.

Recently, she made a cameo in Adam Sandler's movie "Funny People".


  • Her song "The Real Sugar Baby" has often been associated with Chibiusa. Videos with the song will often contain clips of Chibiusa.
  • Her height is 4'11".[1]
  • To voice Rini, she used a higher pitched voice.


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