Sparkling Wide Pressure
Supākuringu Waido Puresshā


Sparkling Wide Pressure


SMC3 Version


Sailor Jupiter


Lightning/Electricity-based attack

Items Used

Tiara (with Thunder and Lightning Antenna)


Supreme Thunder Dragon
Jupiter Coconut Cyclone (manga/Crystal)
Jupiter Oak Evolution (original anime)

First Appearance

Act 16 - Abduction, Sailor Mercury (manga)
Dispute Over Love! Minako and Makoto Face Off (original anime)
Act 17-Secret, Sailor Jupiter (Crystal)

Sparkling Wide Pressure is an incredibly strong electrical attack used by Sailor Jupiter in the manga, the first anime series, the musicals, and a few video games.

To perform the attack, Sailor Jupiter would bring her hands together and hurl white bolts of lightning which would later take the form of a large disc at the enemy. In the reprint manga, there were also flowers visible swirling amidst the electricity.


Sailor Jupiter used this attack for the first time against Berthier in Act 16. It was used only one more time in the subsequent chapter[1], where it was used against Petz.

First Anime Series

Sailor Jupiter first used this attack against Petz in episode 65 of the anime.[2] To perform this attack, she gathered lightning from her tiara to form a disc-type of electricity and threw it towards the enemy.

Sparkling Wide Pressure – 90’s First Anime00:10

Sparkling Wide Pressure – 90’s First Anime


During its first appearance, the lightning was green, but would in later episodes be white.

Sparkling Wide Pressure – Crystal00:11

Sparkling Wide Pressure – Crystal


Sparkling Wide Pressure first appeared in the musical, Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon ~ An Alternate Legend - Dark Kingdom Revival Story where it was used against Nephrite.

Video Games

This attack was also used in the video games Sailor Moon R, Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon S and Sailor Moon: Another Story, where it appeared as a mass of electricity which exploded on contact.


  • In the DiC dub it was called Jupiter Thundercloud Zap. In the Cloverway dub, the attack name changes to Supreme Thunder Crash in episode 96 until it was called the correct attack name in episode 99 and onwards.
  • In Volume 3 of the English version of the re-release manga, "Sparkling Wide Pressure" was incorrectly translated as "Spark Ring Wide Pressure". It was later corrected in the next volume.
  • In Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon she had a similar lightning-based attack called Jupiter Thunderbolt and in another act she used another electric/lightning attack which was not named on screen, in which she struck the ground, sending lines of light green-colored lightning toward her targets and electrocuted them.


  1. Act 16
  2. Episode 65

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