Space Turbulence
Uchū Rankiryū
Supēsu Tābyurensu

Sailor Uranus


Energy-based attack

First Appearance

Act 50 - Stars 1

Space Turbulence is an attack that is performed by Sailor Uranus in the manga only.


In the manga, the attack appeared to generate large amounts of energy and then released several beams towards the enemy.

In Act 50, Sailor Uranus performed the attack along with Sailor Neptune's Submarine Violin Tide to counter against Sailor Iron Mouse's Galactica Crunch attack, but the Sailor Animamate was able to absorb the power.

In Act 51, she performs the attack in order to attack Sailor Aluminum Siren, but it does not inflict any harm on her.

An alternate version of this attack Galactica Space Turbulence also appeared in the manga when Sailor Uranus was under Sailor Galaxia's control.


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