Siva Shingetsu Astarte

Moon Kingdom

Resides in

Romani Castle, Transylvania
Azabu-Juuban, Tokyo




Astarte, Sailor Astarte, Dark Cain


Lilith of Darkness, Sailor Moon






Aya Hosoda

Siva Shingetsu Astarte is a character who appears in the Sailor Moon musicals. She was an important character in both Kessen / Transylvania no Mori - Shin Toujou! Chibi Moon wo Mamoru Senshi-tachi and its revision, Saikyou no Kataki Dark Cain no Nazo.

She is a transfer student of descent from the ancient Phoenicians. Hotaru has noted that her shadow sometimes disappears and she is referred to as "another swish person" by Elizabeth Bathory. Not much of her family is known, apart from the fact that her mother was separated from her in Eastern Europe while travelling, three years ago.

She is introduced as a socially awkward girl whom Usagi infers stems from Siva's incessant travelling. Siva is discovered to be Astarte, and the senshi begin to have their suspicions and doubts about Siva's character after she insults the Solar System Senshi's abilities.

After coming with the Senshi to Michiru's concert tour in East Europe, she awkwardly and silently struggles through travelling with Usagi as her only supportive friend. Her strange behavior once goes to the extreme in a bad joke, where she puns the name Andersen with an deru (bean paste comes out): in reply to Ami's reference to Hans Christian Andersen, Siva replies with "Squish the manjuu (bean paste bun) and out comes some bean paste)" to bring confused and shocked looks from the senshi. Usagi, in a desperate attempt to make things more comfortable for her, forces everyone to laugh and draws attention away from Siva's very strange comment.

In a revelations scene, Usagi and Siva share their feelings, and Siva reveals her mother's disappearance after which she broke down forever on the inside. Siva confides in Usagi her suspicions that her Dissociative Personality Disorder will soon 'kill' her good personality, the one which Sailor Astarte is a part of. Her doubts of her status as a Senshi and even of the existence of the planet Astarte are revealed and she then faints in weakness.


Siva is a major god in the Hindu religion.

Shingetsu means enlightenment.

Astarte is the Greek name of the goddess Ishtar. 

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