Silver Moon Crystal Eternal Power
Shirubā Mūn Kurisutaru Etānaru Pawā
M silvermooncrystaleternal

Eternal Sailor Moon



Items Used

Silver Crystal and power from the Sailor Quartet

First Appearance

Act 60 - Stars 11

Silver Moon Crystal Eternal Power is Eternal Sailor Moon's last and most powerful energy attack in the manga, being used in Volume 18, Act 52.

It uses the direct power of the Silver Crystal with the objective to cause that the Sailor Crystals from inside the Galaxy Cauldron would fly out in all directions at Chaos until it breaks apart.

This attack also appeared in the musical Shin Kaguya Shima Densetsu. Eternal Sailor Moon used this attack in conjunction with Starlight Honeymoon Double Therapy Kiss, with which she and Sailor Chibi Moon defeated Dark Plasman and Dark Mirror.

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