Silver Crystal Power

Solar System Senshi (except Sailor Saturn)


Powerful light-based energy projection

Items Used

Silver Crystal

Silver Crystal Power is a powerful attack that was used in the Sailor Moon S movie to destroy Princess Snow Kaguya and her Snow Dancers. In the attack all of the Solar System Senshi (Sailor Saturn excluded) combined their powers and abilities to perform this attack. Super Sailor Moon also used the excess power of the Silver Crystal to temporarily transform Luna into a human to save Kakeru.


Super Sailor Moon summoned the Silver Crystal in her hands while the other Sailor Senshi surrounded her and held hands. The Silver Crystal then starts shining bright and Sailor Moon lifts it up in the air. They all start chanting together the command, “Silver Crystal Power”. As they do so, their Sailor fuku, tiaras, and accessories glow a bright white/silver light. Sailor Moon then rises up in the air “carrying” with the Silver Crystal the light energy coming from the other Sailor Senshi’s hands. Snow Dancers try to harm them but the barrier created by the Senshi and the Silver Crystal’s power melted them. Princess Snow Kaguya then projects her own ice beam towards the Sailor Senshi but Sailor Moon projected an even stronger beam. They have a power struggle but Sailor Moon closed her eyes and channeled the power of the Silver Crystal and everyone and released an immense surge of power that destroyed Kaguya and the Snow Dancers. It even destroyed a planet in the orbit of Earth.


Sailor Senshi Special Attacks

Sailor Senshi Special Attacks

Silver Crystal Power is performed at 7:05 in the video, it lasts until 8:39.