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This article is on Sailor Moon's Sailor Crystal. For the one-use anime song, please see Illusionary Silver Crystal.

  • The Silver Crystal first appears; due to the merging of the seven Rainbow Crystals
  • The Silver Crystal in "The Promise of the Rose" movie.
  • The Silver Crystal affixed to the Moon Stick, greatly strengthening its healing abilities
  • Sailor Moon holding the Moon Stick with the Silver Crystal upon it.
  • The Silver Crystal in the live-action series
  • The Silver Crystal in the second anime series.

The Silver Crystal (幻の銀水晶, Maboroshi no Ginzuishou; often translated as "the Illusionary Silver Crystal"), was a crystalline object of great and immeasurable power.

In the original English dub, it was called the Imperium Silver Crystal.

In the reprinted manga and Sailor Moon Crystal, it is known as "the legendary Silver Crystal."


The Silver Crystal possesses tremendous power, and is possibly the single most powerful magical artifact in the entire cosmos. Focusing on the vital life energy and heart of the user, it can perform spectacular feats, such as reviving an entire world and all of its inhabitants from ruin. But the strain of using such power often causes the user to lose their life, as the power actually derives from the life force of the user. Only a member of the Moon Kingdom dynasty can actually use it. It is shown as the source of Queen Serenity's power during the Silver Millennium; Usagi Tsukino and Chibiusa each go on to inherit the Crystal in a different shape. Its dazzlingly bright and supremely powerful light is often colored white but can be shades of pink, fuchsia or magenta. For some unknown reason, the light it emits when unleashing its vast positive energies is not silver, as opposed its name and crystalline appearance.

Originally, the Silver Crystal belonged to Queen Serenity of the Moon Kingdom; whilst using the crystal to protect the Moon and the Earth, it also allowed the people of the moon to enjoy long lives. When the Moon Kingdom was destroyed by Queen Beryl under the influence of Queen Metalia and the Queen's daughter, Princess Serenity was killed along with her guardians and Prince Endymion, Queen Serenity used the Silver Crystal to seal away the enemy, as well as to send her daughter, the prince and all of the Sailor Senshi to be reborn in the future on Earth, so they could hopefully live happy, peaceful lives. Having used too much of the crystal's power as well as her own, the Queen died.

However, several magical artifacts seem to rival it in strength, including the Malefic Black Crystal in the second season, and Sailor Galaxia's own golden Star Seed from the Sailor Stars season.


The Silver Crystal was the object of desire of the Dark Kingdom and Tuxedo Mask; the former wanted it for power, the latter to restore his memories. It first appears in Act 9, when Tuxedo Mask protected Sailor Moon from Kunzite; her grief caused her to remember that she was Princess Serenity, and he remembered he was Prince Endymion. When Tuxedo Mask then died in her arms, the pain was too much, especially when she recalled their former lives; a tear fell from her cheek and glowed immensely bright, forming the Silver Crystal. Its light healed all of those it touched, and a part of it went inside of Tuxedo Mask's body, which was then stolen by Kunzite. Usagi kept the Silver Crystal on a necklace around her neck for a while before it was stored inside her second transformation compact, the Crystal Star.
Ginzuishou m

The lotus-shaped Silver Crystal, as seen in the manga.

The crystal is usually used to defeat the final villain of each story arc. It had two primary powers; the ability to generate a powerful, magical attack, and the power to rejuvenate. Additionally, it seems that the Silver Crystal has both more control and focused power when attached to the Moon Stick (Crescent Moon Wand), though, eventually, Usagi becomes so in-tune with its power, she no longer needs the Moon Stick.

It was revealed that it served as Eternal Sailor Moon's very own essence, Sailor Crystal, evolving into what is known as the Silver Moon Crystal.

In Act 10, when they visit the ruined Moon Castle, Queen Serenity told Sailor Moon that the Silver Crystal's true power and full abilities depended on her good heart. Later after defeating Queen Beryl in Volume 3, Sailor Venus reads from the sword that the true power of the Silver Crystal was of from Usagi's own heart and the true power of the Moon itself.

Original Anime

Following the destruction of the Moon Kingdom, the Silver Crystal was split into the seven Rainbow Crystals so as to seal away the Seven Great Youma. It first appeared in Episode 34. Tuxedo Mask had protected Sailor Moon from Zoisite's attack and was mortally wounded, causing Sailor Moon to cry; her tears made the seven Rainbow Crystals react and merge into one, forming the Silver Crystal itself and revealing Sailor Moon to be Princess Serenity. The crystal attached itself to the Moon Stick, greatly increasing its abilities and enabled Princess Serenity, and later Sailor Moon, to fend off Kunzite's strongest attacks. Following the defeat of the Dark Kingdom, and Usagi's return to being Sailor Moon, the Silver Crystal is placed into her Crystal Star compact, and then, seemingly, her other transformation compacts as they evolve and grow even stronger throughout the series. In the future, it healed the Earth of an unknown ecological disaster and created Crystal Tokyo.

Also, after initially attaching to the Moon Stick, it served to heal people back to their true forms, although it failed to heal Prince Endymion from Metalia's influence before the final battle. The Silver Crystal is also able to borrow the powers of the other Senshi to further amplify its own powers, such as in the last episode of the first season. It is also used far more in the anime than the manga, and appears to take on a number of shapes: an orb, a rose, diamond, and even a lotus.

The anime mostly embellishes on the Silver Crystal's immeasurable and unlimited power for either good or evil. In the first season's finale, and in The Promise of the Rose movie, it was shown to be able to construct an extremely strong shield; being capable of withstanding even the strongest and most destructive of attacks from both Super Beryl and Fiore. To stop the Kisenian's asteroid from colliding with and obliterating Earth, Princess Serenity had used the Silver Crystal to purify the evil energies so that the asteroid would pass away safely. Unfortunately, using its full potential had cost Sailor Moon her own life and the Crystal had shattered into fragments. When Tuxedo Mask kissed the lifeless Sailor Moon on the lips, both the Silver Crystal and Crystal Star were fully restored.

In the second movie, Hearts In Ice, Artemis mentions that the Silver Crystal existed in prehistoric times. Super Sailor Moon uses the Silver Crystal not only to defeat Princess Snow Kaguya, but also to transform Luna into a human woman for one night.

In the third and final movie, Black Dream Hole, Super Sailor Moon used the healing abilities of the Silver Crystal (which was stored in the mystical Crisis Moon Compact) to bring forth a dazzlingly strong white light, which fully restored the four Inner Senshi to their Super Sailor forms and the three Outer Sailors to their standard Sailor forms. It even enabled Perle to gain access to his fairy wings.

In the fifth and final season, the Silver Crystal acts as Eternal Sailor Moon's own Star Seed and source of all of her strength. In Episode 193, she willingly allows Sailor Lead-Crow to take her Star Seed, which caused Eternal Sailor Moon to revert back to her civilian form. It was then returned to Usagi; due to the aid of Chibi-Chibi and the appearance of Princess Kakyu.

In the series finale, Usagi (as a nude Princess Serenity) used the supreme powers of the Silver Crystal against Sailor Galaxia, who was fully possessed by the malevolently cosmic force of Chaos within her. Ultimately, the Silver Crystal's pure white light of goodness prevailed, causing the one true Galaxia to resurface and expel Chaos from her subconscious mind and body.

Second Anime

In the ninth episode, the seal of the Silver Crystal itself is finally broken when Sailor Moon (who has awakened as Princess Serenity) sobs for her beloved Prince Endymion. Her tear was crystallized, causing the mighty Silver Crystal to finally appear in the shape of a teardrop. After which, a small fragment of it was absorbed into the body of Tuxedo Mask, which seemed to have weakened and neutralized its power. Usagi had her father attach the newly formed Silver Crystal as a pendent, where she could wear around her neck.

In her final showdown with Queen Metalia ( Episode 13), Sailor Moon managed to restore the Crystal's full power and used it in conjunction with the mighty abilities of the Moon Stick to annihilate the universal force of pure evil. Upon arriving on the Moon, the Silver Crystal is put inside an much stronger transformation compact: the Crystal Star, which keeps its power in check. Weeks later, a young pink-haired girl suddenly arrives out of nowhere and demands that Usagi give her the Silver Crystal. This girl, Chibiusa, later manages take the Crystal Star broach with the Silver Crystal inside twice, hoping the use it return home and help her mother.

The Silver Crystal is coveted by the members of the Black Moon, so they can destroy it, as they believed that its existence was the reason for all conflict and chaos in the universe. Sailor Moon eventually realized, much to her dismay, that her Silver Crystal's power was ineffective while in the future. But being given more power by her own future self, the Silver Crystal of the past was capable of overcoming the Malefic Crystal's evil and allow Usagi, Ami, Rei and Makoto to transform into their second, evolved Sailor forms. With the help of the space-time key, the Silver Crystal soon teleported the four Sailor Senshi out of Nemesis and back to Sailor Pluto.

With the unexpected truth of Chibiusa being the evil Queen of the Black Moon, the Silver Crystal was again taken by a mind-controlled Tuxedo Mask (which resulted in Sailor Moon returning to normal) and given to Prince Demande. The Crystal of the past was then in danger of being merged with the one of the future, causing total annihilation of both timelines. Due to a desperate Sailor Pluto stopping all of time, the Silver Crystal was recovered by Usagi who used it to transform again. The Silver Crystal was then put within the mystical Cosmic Heart Compact for safekeeping.


As in the manga, the Silver Crystal originally remains concealed deep within Usagi's own body. But the Silver Crystal has a double-edged power: even in the possession of Sailor Moon, its excess power could not only strengthen Queen Metalia but, if enough energies are exerted through it, could destroy the entire world and all of its inhabitants. It shattered in the series finale, causing all of the Sailor Soldiers' standard transformation devices to vanish.

In the special episode, the supremely powerful Silver Crystal was revealed to have been in the possession of Queen Serenity herself. She had utilized its vastly powerful abilities to seal Queen Metalia for one thousand years, and to have her dear daughter and people be reborn and reincarnated on Earth as "ordinary humans."

Silver Crystal of the Future

As the only daughter of Neo-Queen Serenity, Chibiusa possesses a thirtieth-century version of the supreme Silver Crystal, which is her very own Sailor Crystal, but is colored bright pink instead of silver. In the original anime, it resides in her Moon Prism Compact. It may even reside in her much stronger compacts: Crisis Dream Compact, and her Eternal Article.

In the hope of becoming just like her mother, Chibiusa took the Silver Crystal from its stand on a pillow. Unfortunately, her act had caused the Crystal to mysteriously vanish and soon resulted in the invasion of the Black Moon and evil fragments of the Malefic Black Crystal. By going to the past, she had intended to use the Silver Crystals of both times, but was incapable of doing so.

In the original anime's second season finale, the future Silver Crystal appeared when Chibiusa cried, which caused her to realize that it had gone into her own body. With it, she turned into her Princess form and asked her Silver Crystal to help her save everyone she cared about. From then on, it resided inside her Prism Heart Compact, and Crisis Moon Compact. Unlike Sailor Moon's Silver Crystal, Chibi Moon never relied upon the vast power and abilities of her own Crystal after the second season.

Second Anime

The Silver Crystal of the future was taken by Chibiusa, who inadvertently caused the catastrophe that led to her mother's endless slumber, and her father's own spirit/soul being separated from his physical form. From that tragic day, the Crystal was never seen again until Chibiusa awoke as Black Lady and gave it to Wiseman. The Crystal was eventually taken by a deranged Prince Demande, who intended to merge it together with the Silver Crystal of the past. Sailor Pluto stopped time, and the Crystal was retrieved by Usagi.

When Black Lady saw Pluto die right before her eyes, she cried in sorrow, calling upon the power of the Silver Crystal of the future and becoming Sailor Chibi Moon for the first time. It was then stored in her own bright pink-colored transformation broach, the Prism Heart Compact.


  • Like many magical artifacts of great power, it can be used for both good or evil.
  • In the fifth and final season of the original anime, it is revealed that the Silver Crystal is Eternal Sailor Moon's very own Star Seed and the source of all her inner strength and abilities.
  • In the English dub, the crystal was called different names by many people; such as: the Silver Moon Crystal, the Silver Crystal, the Imperium Silver Crystal, the Moon Crystal, and the Imperium Crystal. In 1995, promotional material spelled its name as Empyrean Silver Crystal, suggesting not so much regalia of rulership as a celestial object formed of pure goodness or light and pertaining to the highest heaven.
  • Its equivalent counterpart on Earth is the Golden Crystal.


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The Crystal in the Crystal Star compact.
Tumblr lrj8l47xGz1qm31fpo1 400
Hovering over Tuxedo Mask's hands
The Silver Crystal shaped like a teardrop
Sailor Moon, ready to utilize the Silver Crystal to stop Queen Metalia once and for all.
The Silver Crystal in the shape of a lotus
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Super Sailor Moon uses the Silver Crystal in the second movie in an attempt to destroy Princess Snow Kaguya.
Sailor moon crystal 04 silver crystal

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