Silence Glaive Surprise
Chinmoku Kama Kishū
Sairensu Gureibu Sapuraizu


Silent Glaive Surprise 2


Super Sailor Saturn


Energy-based attack

Items Used

Silence Glaive

First Appearance

Act 45 - Dream 7, Mirror Dream (manga)
Moon Love Power! The End of the Nightmare (anime, incomplete)

Silence Glaive Surprise was a highly destructive attack used by Super Sailor Saturn using the Silence Glaive in the manga and first anime.


In the manga, Silence Glaive Surprise produced a massive energy blast sent from her glaive, similar but likely less powerful than in the first anime; however, since the Amazoness Quartet evaded the attack, its full effect (beyond causing an humongous amount of smoke in the environment as a result that disoriented them) was never seen. However, it was enough to intimidate the Amazoness Quartet into seeking truce At blade-point until Zirconia sealed them into stone balls, hinting at its extreme power.

First Anime

As a last resort, Super Sailor Saturn had used this immensely strong destructive ability only once against Queen Nehellenia in order to finish her off entirely. However, Its full strength and effects was never seen, as Super Sailor Chibi Moon prevented her from completing the destructive attack; not wanting her to die as well, implying that Saturn was putting her complete apocalyptic powers into the strike to make it even more powerful.

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