Shuu Shiotsuki
Full Name

Noriko Fukunaga (福永のりこ)[1]


January 10 1987



BirthplaceOogori, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan

Former Occupations:
Takarazuka actress

SM Roles

Sera Myu:
Haruka Tenou/Sailor Uranus (2015, 2016, 2017)

Shuu Shiotsuki is a former Takarazuka actress who will be performing as Haruka Tenou/Sailor Uranus in the Sera Myu musicals, and is the fifth actress to play Sailor Uranus. 

When Shuu was a Takarazuka actress, she was an otokoyaku, an actress who played male roles in performances. She entered the Takarazuka Music School in 2002, began performing in 2004, and her final performance in the Takarazuka Revue was at the end of 2014.[2] She is also a dance instructor and owns a ballet studio.



  • She is 174cm tall.
  • She is from Oogōri, Fukuoka
  • Shuu claims that she loves 'France, Rabbits and Cute things', and that she is obsessed with drums and Oronamin-C drink
  • She is good friends with Sayaka, the actress for Michiru, despite not knowing her well before they got the roles.
  • Her fans have nicknamed her both Fuku (ふく) , from her real name (福永)and chouchou (しゅうしゅう) from her stage name.
  • She has her drivers license.
  • Shuu has studied Ballet since the age of 5, and other genres of dance since middle school.
  • She successfully applied for the Takarazuka Music school at the age of 15 (the youngest possible age of application) in 2002 and was the youngest student in the 90th Class.
  • Her hobbies are: dance, capoeira and bass.
  • Special skills include: dancing and heavy lifting


Shuu as Sailor Uranus


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