Shoko Nakagawa
中川 翔子
Nakagawa Shōko
Shoko Nakagawa
Full Name

Shouko Nakagawa


May 5, 1985 (age 30)


A cover of Heart Moving

Shoko Nakagawa, or Shouko Nakagawa, is a Japanese actress, singer, and talento born in Tokyo, Japan.[1]

She performed a cover of Heart Moving on the Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon: THE 20TH ANNIVERSARY MEMORIAL TRIBUTE.[2]

On March 31, 2015, it was announced that Shoko would be the voice of Diana in the second anime series, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal.[3]


  • She is the daughter of Katsuhiko Nakagawa, a Japanese actor and musician active in the eighties. He died of leukemia in 1994, when Shoko was 9.[4]
  • Her blood type is A.
  • She performed a cover of "Sailor Star Song" during her Prism Tour in 2010.[5]
  • Her nickname is "Shokotan" (しょこたん).[1]


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