Shine Aqua Illusion
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Shine illusion

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Shine Snow Illusion and Mercury Aqua Mirage (manga)
Mercury Aqua Rhapsody (original anime)

First Appearance

Act 15 - Infiltration, Sailor Mars (manga)
The Friendship of the Sailor Senshi! Goodbye Ami (anime)
Act 9 - I'll Protect the Legendary Silver Crystal (PGSM)
Act 15 - Infiltration, Sailor Mars(Crystal)

Shine Aqua Illusion is an exceptionally strong attack used by Sailor Mercury in many continuations of the series.  In the DiC dub, it was called Mercury Ice Storm Blast for 2 episodes until the episode Magical Power of Darkness! Esmeraude's Invasion. In the DiC version of the Sailor Moon SuperS: The Movie it was called Mercury Gas and in the CWI episode Time to Believe in the Pegasus! The Super Transformations of the Four Soldiers it was called Super Aqua Illusion. In the Viz dub and the manga it was called by its original name.


This water-based attack was only used in Act 15, where Sailor Mercury used it on Koan's Droids with a stream of water. While the attack was effective enough to destroy some of the Droids, it had no effect on the fiery barrier that surrounded Sailor Mars.

Original Anime

Unlike the manga, this attack was used many times throughout the second and third seasons. It first appeared in episode 62, when Sailor Mercury used it against Nipasu.

The attack sequence started with a drop of water falling down and creating a ripple. Droplets then surrounded Sailor Mercury as she spun around several times. The droplets coalesced into a stream of water and she then threw it at the enemy, who would be surrounded in a tower or column of liquid water. Sometimes, the enemy was also frozen in solid ice.

This version of Shine Aqua Illusion, having both water and ice properties, is a combination of two attacks from the manga: the water-based Shine Aqua Illusion and the ice/snow-based Shine Snow Illusion.

Shine Aqua Illusion - 90’s version

Shine Aqua Illusion - 90’s version

Shine Aqua Illusion R Movie

Shine Aqua Illusion R Movie


Sailor Mercury first performed this attack in Act 15 on Koan's fiery barrier that surrounded Sailor Mars, but it was ineffective in destroying the barrier. The same attack was later used in Act 22 against Prince Demande , and again in Act 25 against Death Phantom who had become one with Nemesis.

Sailor Mercury spins and a huge wave of water twirls around her, controlled by her movements. She then directs the huge wave at her enemy.

Shine Aqua Illusion - Crystal

Shine Aqua Illusion - Crystal

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon

The attack first appeared in Act 9 of the live-action series, when Sailor Mercury used it against Nephrite. She only used it three times, including one to put out a fire. To perform the attack, Sailor Mercury crossed her hands in front of herself, then lifted her left hand in the air while the other was held out to the side. She then lowered her left arm while lifting the right as she called out the name of the attack. She quickly pulled her arms in then lifted both hands, pointing her right hand at her target as she fired off releasing a swirl of water that either blasts the enemy or freezes them temporarily.

Shine Aqua Illusion - PGSM

Shine Aqua Illusion - PGSM


Shine Aqua Illusion first appeared in the musical, Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon ~ An Alternate Legend - Dark Kingdom Revival Story, where it was used against Zoisite.

Video Games

The attack was used in the following video games, always by Sailor Mercury:


  • "Illusion" has an archaic definition meaning "a thin, veil-like piece of silk or other fine cloth". Since this attack uses a thin curtain of water, the name is most likely referring to this definition of "illusion", rather than the more common meaning of "visual trick".