V–chan Uchi Katana Seppuku no Kei

Sailor V



Items Used

The Striking Katana

First Appearance

Vol. 12 - The Pet Stories 2 - Wan-Wan's Plot

Seppuku, fully called "V-chan Katana Strike" Punishment of Seppuku was an attack performed only in Codename: Sailor V and was used only once in the series. The attack was performed with the Striking Katana and was used to destroy Wan-Wan.


  • Seppuku is the slashing of one's stomach. Common in Japan in the past up to the end of World War II, it was thought of as being a way to restore one's honour. The person would write a death poem then kneel down, pull up his garment then draw a small ceremonial knife and then stab himself. After this, a friend would immediatley chop off his head to end the pain.

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