The Senshi Princesses were the Sailor Senshi as they guarded both
  • The Princesses as seen in art images
  • The Outer Senshi Princesses
  • The Princesses in the manga
their home planets and Princess Serenity during the Silver Millennium. They appear in Act 48 and secondary art pieces.

Princess Serenity

During that time, Princess Serenity lived in the Moon Kingdom with the Queen. She wore a white gown trimmed with lace and perals. She had puffy sleeves. A crescent moon was on her forehead.

Princess Mercury

Princess Mercury's job was to protect Princess Serenity. She wore a blue floor-length gown and a matching choker necklace. The symbol of Mercury was present on her forehead. She stayed in Mariner Castle.

Princess Mars 

During the Silver Millenium, Princess Mars dwelt in Phobos and Demios Castle. She wore a red floor-length gown with a pink section down the middle. The symbol of Mars was always present on her forehead. She was the guardian of Princess Serenity. She wore a red choker.

Princess Jupiter

Princess Jupiter wore a green dress with a split down the middle of her skirt. She had a rose in her hair and two at her hips. She also wore rose earrings and a green chokerand necklace. She lived in Io Castle. She guarded Princess Serenity.

Princess Venus

Princess Venus was the leader of those who protected Princess Serenity. She wore a yellow floor-length gown with ruffles and a choker and a necklace. She lived in Magellan Castle.

Princess Usagi (Small) Lady Serenity

Chibusa wore a pink gown with ruffles. In the anime, it was the same dress as her mother's.She also had a crescent moon symbol on her forehead.

Princess Neptune

Her duty was to protect the Solar System from outside invasion. She wore a teal gown with a print on it.She also wore a choker and a necklace. She dwelt in Triton Castle.

Princess Uranus

She wore a deep blue gown and choker. Her duty was to protect the Solar System from outside invasion. She stayed in Miranda Castle.

Princess Pluto

She wore a black gown with four straps, a choker, and gloves. She dwelt in Charon Castle and protected the Outer Rim.

Princess Saturn

She wore a deep violet-blue gown with gloves and a choker necklace and dwelt in Titan Castle. She protected the Outer Rim of the solar system from outside intrusion.


  • As princesses of their own respective worlds, they wore dresses of their theme color, and their hairstyles remained the same. In their Princess forms, each one has grown much stronger and more powerful.
  • While princesses in their own rights, the Castles that float above their planets are revealed to be gifts from Queen Serenity. Fans speculate what the palace's on the actual planets would have been like, as we see in Codename: Sailor V, these planets hosted human life as Ace was a soldier of the planet Venus.

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