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Seiya and Usagi's Heart-Pounding Date
SMSS 181 (infobox)
Seiya to Usagi no doki-doki dēto

5, Sailor Moon Sailor Stars

Air date

July 20, 1996


Kazuhiko Kobe


Junichi Satou


The Brightness of the Calling Stars! Haruka and Company Into the Battle


Invasion from Space! Siren Comes Flying In

Air date


"Seiya and Usagi's Heart-Pounding Date" was the 15th episode of the Stars season of the Sailor Moon anime and the 181st of the overall series. It was first aired in Japan on July 20, 1996.


The Three Lights have a day off, so Seiya takes this opportunity to asks Usagi for a date. At Ginga TV, Sailor Iron Mouse has a last chance to find the true Star Seed.



Changes From the Manga

  • In the manga Seiya and Usagi never had a date.
  • Sailor Iron Mouse was killed by Sailor Star Healer.

Dub Changes

  • In the Mexican dub, the name of the movie Minako invites Taiki to watch with was changed to "El amor de los adultos es aventurero y apasionado" (Adult's love is adventurous and passionate), which sounds more of a romantic movie. The original japanese name was "Adults' Love XX", which seems to be an adults movie.
  • Ami has a few lines after Usagi was asked for a date, but in the Mexican dub it was omitted.
  • Although in the Mexican dub that scene wasn't ommited nor the dialogue changed, in Argentina and other Latin american countries where the Mexican dub was aired, the scene where Seiya seems to want a physical relationship with Usagi was cut completely.


  • This was the last appearance of Sailor Iron Mouse in the first anime.
  • Haruka and Michiru were wearing the same shirt, but Michiru's was pink and Haruka's was blue.
  • Whenever Sailor Iron Mouse's phone appeared, the third movement of Frédéric Chopin's Piano Sonata No. 2 played in the background. It is also commonly known as the "Funeral March" somewhat foretelling that Iron Mouse's punishment of death was drawing near.



Usagi episode 181 sketch
Haruka and Michiru 181 Sketch
Usagi episode 181 Sketch 2
Usagi and Iron Mouse episode 181 sketch
Usagi episode 181 Ferris Wheel Sketch
Usagi episode 181 Sketch 3
Usagi episode 181 Ferris wheel sketch 2
Usagi episode 181 ferris wheel sketch 3
Kou Seiya Episode 181 sketch
Usagi Outfit Sheet 181

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