Saturn Crystal Power, Make Up
Satān Kurisutaru Pawā Meiku Appu
Saturn crystal
Transformation phrase for...

Sailor Saturn

Items used

Saturn Crystal

First Appearance

Act 45 - Dream 7, Mirror Dream

Saturn Crystal Power, Make Up was the transformation phrase used by Sailor Saturn in the manga. It is the only known transformation phrase Sailor Saturn uses.



It was first used after her reawakening in Act 45 of the Dream arc of the manga. She raised her hand, shouted the phrase and transformed instantly into Super Sailor Saturn.


In Act 49 of the Dream arc Hotaru raised her hand and yelled “Saturn Crystal Power!” to give power to Eternal Sailor Moon and then transformed into a form similar to Eternal Sailor Moon’s (called by fans as Eternal Sailor Saturn), along with the other Senshi.

Hotaru yelling “Saturn Crystal Power!” in Act 49

In the Stars Arc, Sailor Saturn appeared in her Eternal form, but was never seen shouting a transformation phrase. However, it can be pressumed that her transformation phrase, like the Inner Senshi, is the same as her Super form’s transformation phrase (“Saturn Crystal Power, Make Up!”)