Sapphire Crystal
Saffer Crystal

Sailor Galaxia

The Sapphire Crystal is Galaxia's Sailor Crystal. It is known as the Crystal of Destruction and is one of the most powerful Sailor Crystals in the galaxy, second only to the power of Sailor Moon's; however, in terms of sheer destructive power, it surpasses the Silver Crystal, whose major power is Restoration and spiritual healing. Galaxia uses it to transform into her Senshi form. It appears only in the manga.


  • In the anime version of Sailor Moon Sailor Stars, it's revealed that Chibi Chibi is Sailor Galaxia's Star Seed that she sent away in order to protect it from Chaos' corruption and find someone who will accept it as the new host.
  • The Sapphire Crystal is sometimes translated as the "Saffer Crystal" and the "Sapphire Crystal". The Kondasha translation uses the latter name.

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