Sailor fuku

Sailor Jupiter's fuku

Sailor fuku (セーラー服), meaning "sailor costume", is the term used to name the uniforms worn by the Sailor Senshi in the Sailor Moon metaseries.


The sailor fuku was based off in appearance of Japanese school uniforms referred to as "seifuku".


The Solar System Sailor Senshi's sailor fuku consisted of a leotard, a skirt, a sailor collar, bows on the front on the chest and the back, a choker, a tiara, and gloves. In every series, the Sailor Senshi's fuku varied by color, details and accessories to fit with their personalities and powers while still keeping the standard basic design.

There were three known types in the manga and anime: the standard fuku, which the Senshi wore in their first forms; the Super fuku, and the Eternal fuku.

The Sailor Starlights's fuku was very different from the Solar System Sailor Senshi's, consisting of thigh-high boots, a bikini-like top, hot pants, long gloves, a sailor collar, a choker, belts,  and a tiara.

The members of the Shadow Galactica Empire also wore sailor fuku that greatly differed from each other's. 

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