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Sailor Venus (anime)
Sērā Vīnasu
Venus anime
Full Name

Sailor Venus


Moon Kingdom, Crystal Tokyo

Resides in

Shiba Koen, Minato-ku, Tokyo


Sailor Senshi


Minako Aino, Sailor V


Sailor Venus, Super Sailor Venus


Artemis, Solar System Sailor Senshi


October 22 (Libra)







First Appearance

The Last Sailor Senshi! Sailor Venus Appears


Rica Fukami
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Sailor moon venus
"Agent of Love and Beauty, the pretty sailor suited soldier Sailor Venus! In the name of Love, I will punish you! "
— Sailor Venus's stock introduction

Sailor Venus is one of the five original Inner Sailor Senshi of the Solar System. She is the last of the Inner Senshi to join the group but the first to transform and battle the Dark Kingdom. Her civilian identity is Minako Aino. Her attacks are based around love, light and possibly metal and iron. This is the first animated depiction of the original manga character.


Sailor Venus is one of the Solar System Sailor Senshi, as well as one of Princess Serenity's guardians, and the de jure leader of the Inner Senshi.


Sailor V was the first Senshi form Minako could take on. Sailor V was a decoy Senshi form used by Minako in order to fool the Dark Kingdom into thinking that she was the Princess; although it's never mentioned that she was doing this, it is a possibility.  She was able to assume this transformation before she joined forces with the rest of the Inner Senshi.

Sailor V's fuku was different than the other Senshi's fuku. In place of a tiara, she wore a red mask, but unlike her manga counterpart, there is no crescent moon on her forehead. Instead of a leotard, she wore a sleeveless midriff shirt with red accents on the sides that sometime revealed her stomach. She wore a white choker with a crescent moon, her collar was navy blue with two red stripes. Her shoulder pads were white, armor-like, shoulder guards, her bow was red while the center of her front bow was orange, and her gloves were like Sailor Venus's: white with orange elbow fittings. Her skirt was blue with a red border, her back bow was blue, her shoes were blue with ankle straps, and her red ribbon from her civilian form was carried over into her Senshi form.

Sailor Venus was the first true Senshi form that Minako was able to transform into (as Sailor V was basically a decoy Senshi). Minako is able to transform into Sailor Venus in the first, R, S, and the first half of the SuperS season in the anime.

As Sailor Venus, she wore the standard Senshi fuku. The dominant color of her fuku was orange while the accent colors were yellow and navy blue. Her choker, collar, the center of her front bow, the elbow fittings on her gloves, skirt, shoes, and earrings were orange; the gem on her tiara and her back bow were yellow and her front bow was navy blue. She had one strip on her collar, and her shoes were orange heels with ankle straps. Also, her red hair bow from her civilian form was also carried over into her Senshi form.

Super Sailor Venus was the second and final Senshi form Minako was able to transform into. She is able to transform into Super Sailor Venus in the second half of the SuperS season and the Sailor Stars season.

After she gained her "Super" upgrade from Pegasus, her choker had a gold star attached to it, her collar had one stripe, the bottom of her shoulder pads became translucent, her back bow was enlarged and lengthened, the center of her front bow was a heart, and her earrings became a darker color. Also, like her previous Senshi form, her red hair bow was carried over into her Senshi form.


Sailor Moon

Sailor Venus 1

Throughout the first season, Sailor Venus had made a name for herself as Sailor V prior to Usagi becoming Sailor Moon. She joined the Senshi shortly after all the Rainbow Crystals had been discovered. She rescued the Sailor Senshi and Tuxedo Mask from a trap set by the Dark Kingdom generals, Zoisite and Kunzite. From that point, she joined the other Sailor Senshi in their fight against the Dark Kingdom. When heading to D Point to face Metaria, after losing two companoins, Sailor Venus prevented the remaining  DD Girls from capturing Sailor Moon but was caught herself. She used her Crescent Beam at point blank range to kill one of them, but at the expense of her own life. Her spirit as well as the spirits of the other Senshi encouraged Sailor Moon to continue to the Dark Kingdom headquarters and they helped Princess Serenity destroy Metaria and Beryl once and for all, causing them all to come back to life as normal people with no memory as Senshi as well as the other Senshi as allies.

Sailor Moon R

Minako became Sailor Venus once more, after she and the other Senshi regained their memories from Luna.

Sailor Moon S

Sailor Moon SuperS

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars





Transformation Items

Other Items


  • In episode 10 of Sailor Moon R, Sailor Venus' pose is seen with a new background, which was the painting The Birth of Venus, by Sandro Botticelli. The background was only seen in that episode due to it relating to the episode and Sailor Venus.
  • Sailor Venus' planetary symbol (♀) stands for the hand mirror of the Roman goddess and the female gender. The difference between the symbol used in the anime/manga and the scientific symbol is, that the transforming sign has a heart instead of a circle.
    • In alchemy, copper used to be symbolized by ♀.


For images of the anime incarnation of Sailor Venus, please see Sailor Venus (anime)/Image Gallery.

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