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Manga Scans

Codename: Sailor V

Sailor V Kick!
Sailor V kicking one of Narkissos' minions.
RunRun August 1991 Codename Sailor V
Sailor V on the cover of Vol.3
Sailor V Hawaiian
Sailor Venus wearing Hawaiian-themed accessories (relating to Chapter 7)
Remembering the Past
Sailor Venus remembering her past life.
Sailor V on the back of volume 1
Sailor V on the back of volume 1
Sailor V with Artemis Card
Sailor V & Minako
Sailor V and Minako on the cover of Vol.11.
The colored version of the cover of Vol.7.
The World of Sailor V
Sailor V recovering her memories
Codename- sailor v
Sailor V on the cover of volume two of Glénat's French transltion of the series.

Dark Kingdom Arc

Sailor V data
Data on Sailor V.
Sailor Moon and Sailor V-enus Colored Kanzanban
A colored version of a page from Act 8 (kanzenban)
Princess Fake
Sailor Venus posing as Princess Serenity.
Sailor Venus kills Beryl

Black Moon Arc

Infinity Arc

Dream Arc

Super Sailor Venus in the manga
Super Sailor Venus

Stars Arc

Evil Venus
Evil Sailor Venus.

Side/Short Stories

Tumblr lrqv6u1Z1l1qjkedb
Sailor V on a badge


Mini Sailor Venus
Sailor Venus on the back of Volume 5 (rerelease)

Artbook Scans

Artbook I

All the characters in the artbook
All of the characters (including Sailor Mercury) in Sailor Moon Artbook I. Art by Naoko Takeuchi.
Chibi Senshi, Mask and Luna in the artbook
Chibi Senshi, Tuxedo Mask, and Luna in Sailor Moon Artbook I. Art by Naoko Takeuchi.
Sailor Moon and the Inner Senshi in Sailor Moon Artbook I. Art by Naoko Takeuchi.
Serenity, Tuxedo Mask, Shitennou, and The Sailor Senshi in the artbook
Princess Serenity, Tuxedo Mask, the Shittenou, and the Inner Senshi in Sailor Moon Artbook I. Art by Naoko Takeuchi.
The Inner Sailor Senshi in the artbook 3
The Inner Senshi in Sailor Moon Artbook I. Art by Naoko Takeuchi.
Sailor Moon, Inners, And Tuxedo Mask Artbook 1
Inner Senshi Ruins of the Moon Artbook 1
The Inner Senshi in Artbook 1. Art by Naoko Takeuchi.
Senshi and Tuxedo Mask and the Moon Cats Artbook 1
Inner Senshi, Tuxedo Mask, and the Moon Cats in Artbook 1. Art by Naoko Takeuchi.
Sailor Senshi in Color Borders
Sky Cape
Sailor Moon Original Cover 3
Sailor Moon, Sailor V, and Prototype Moon Artbook 1
Usagi, Sailor Venus, and Tuxedo Mask Artbook 1
Usagi, Sailor Venus, and Tuxedo Mask in Artbook I.

Artbook II

The Inner Senshi Act 15 Artbook 2
The Inner Senshi and Tuxedo Mask Artbook 2
Inner Senshi Cover 4 Artbook 2
The Inner Senshi, Sailor Pluto, Chibiusa, Tuxedo Mask, and NeoQueen Serenity - Artbook 2
InnerSenshiAndSailorPluto Artbook 2
Inner Senshi, Moon Cats, and Tuxedo Mask
Inner Senshi and Moon Cats Artbook 2
Inner Senshi and Pluto in respective pics Artbook 2
Character Poll 2
Sailor Pluto and Inner Senshi Volume 6 and Artbook 2

Artbook III

All 10 Super Senshi Artbook 3 Cover
All 10 Senshi on Crystal Artbook 3
All 10 Senshi Red Flowers
All 10 Senshi and their Powers Artbook 3
Moon, Chibiusa, Moon Cats, LunaP, Tuxedo, Inners, and Pluto
Moon, ChibiMoon, and the Inners Rainbow Hearts
Inners in the City
All 10 Senshi Chibis
Princess Kaguya Lover Cover
10 Senshi Cover 9

Artbook IV

Princess Senshi Artbook IV
Chibi Super Senshi's
Inner Warriors
Super Angel Soldiers in Artbook 4
Super Mercury Mars Jupiter Venus ArtBook IV
Eternal Angel Soldiers Artbook IV
Eternal Soldiers 4
Super Soldiers in Artbook 4

Artbook V

Eternal Soldiers 5
10 Eternal Soldiers Artbook 5
Eternal Soldiers and Tuxedo Mask in Blue and Gold
Sailor Moon Collage Artbook 5
BSSM Poll 5

Artbook Infinity

SM and SV Hikaru Yuzuki (mangastylenet)
Senshi and Tuxedo Mask Izumi Takemoto
SV and SM Neko Nekobe (mangastylenet)

Materials' Collection

Template:Gallery/Sailor Venus Concept art


NewArt 24
Artwork of Sailor Venus. Drawn by Naoko Takeuchi. Also, notice that this is based off of her appearance in Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon.
The first preview of Sailor Venus Figurine
Sailor Venus Kanzanban 5
Sailor Venus on Kanzenban Manga Cover #5
Venus by Arina Tanemura
Sailor Venus by Arina Tanemura.
Sailor Team Arina Tanemura
Sailor Moon and the Inner Senshi by Arina Tanemura

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