Sailor Venus' Chain


Venus ChainSMC1

Venus Chain in the PGSM


Sailor Venus

Used for

Attacking enemies


Venus Love-Me Chain;
Chain Explosive (video games only)
Venus Wink Chain Sword (manga)

First Appearance

Act 11 Reunion - Endymion (manga)
Act 18 - At Last, All Five Sailor Senshi are Together (PGSM)
Act 8 - Minako, Sailor V(Crystal)

Sailor Venus' Chain (also known as the Venus Chain) was an item that appeared in most continuations of the series.


The chain was not a physical weapon in the anime; it appeared as a glowing spiral of energy in the shape of hearts. She summoned this energy in order to perform her attacks. As such, it was also not part of her sailor fuku.


In the manga, it was a golden link, ruby-adorned chain that Sailor Venus wore around her waist as a belt and used for several of her attacks. The shapes of the chain links would morph into hearts when she performed Venus Love-Me Chain. However, they were always round when she used Venus Wink Chain Sword. The chain was replaced by the Love Whip when she evolved into her Super Sailor Venus form.


In the live-action series, she used it to perform Venus Love-Me Chain, and also as a defensive and offensive physical weapon. The chain was strong enough to block edged weapons without breaking.


The chain was used the same way as it was used in the manga. The design of it is a series of red, circular beads connected to a single gold string.


  • The mythological Aphrodite, the Greek equivalent of the Roman goddess Venus, wore a golden girdle which had the power to make anyone fall desperately in love with its wearer. This chain could be a reference to that.
  • In the Sailor Moon beat-em-up video game on the Sega MegaDrive (Genesis), Sailor Venus actually uses this chain as a normal attack, giving her a whip-like ranged strike which renders her considerably more effective than any of the other Senshi.
  • It was introduced by name in Act 11 - Reunion, Endymion, as the "Whip of Love", by Sailor Venus-herself ([1] and [2]). The Chain Venus uses upon achieving her Super-level Henshin is named by her as being the "Whip of the Goddess of Love and Beauty" ([3] and [4]).


Venus Chain in the manga
Another picture of Venus's chain from PGSM