The Sailor Senshi's Castles also known as the "Solar System Castles" are castles that were given by Queen Serenity, following their births, to the Solar System Princesses.

These castles appeared in the manga only, the first mention of them is during the "Dream Arc" (act 41) when the Sailor Senshis ask for more power to help Sailor Moon.

The castles have different shapes and orbit the home planets of the Senshi.

Their interior appear when the Outer Senshi (minus Sailor Saturn) came to them in act 45 of the manga during the battle with Sailor Galaxia, we can constat that the interior is technologically advanced and that the castle is inhabited even in the absence of the Sailor Senshi by their respective Sailor Power Guardians. Sailor Venus's castle was also shown in the first chapter of the Codename: Sailor V manga.

List of Castles

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