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Sailor Saturn (Crystal)
Sērā Satān
Sailor Saturn Season III

Moon Kingdom

Resides in

Deep within Hotaru's subconscious mind


Emissary/Agent of Death
Outer Sailor Guardian of the Silver Millennium/Crystal Tokyo
Princess of planet Saturn


Hotaru-chan (by Chibiusa)


Warrior of Ruin
Guardian of Doom
Solider of Death and Rebirth
Scout of Silence
Goddess of Death
Deity of Destruction


Sailor Saturn


Inner & Outer Sailor Senshi


January 6th (as Hotaru's other self)






Evolved human (though spiritually bonded with a human)<small/>

Blood Type



Hotaru Tomoe (her reincarnation)


Evil forces

First Appearance

Act 1: Premonition, Part 1 (voice only)
Act 33 - Infinity 7, Transformation: Super Sailor Moon (flashbacks; no lines)
Act 37 - Infinity 11: Judge

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"I am an emissary from the abyss of death. Protected by Saturn, the Planet of Ruin. I am the Guardian of Silence, Sailor Saturn."
— Her introduction upon awakening.
Sailor moon saturn

Sailor Saturn is the fourth and last Sailor Guardian of the Outer Solar System, and the tenth and last to be introduced. She is considered the strongest and most feared of all Guardians. Her civilian identity is Hotaru Tomoe.

This is the second animated depiction of the original manga character.


Like the other characters, Sailor Saturn's appearance in the new anime is based off of her appearance in the manga.

In her standard Sailor form, Saturn has short, black hair, violet eyes, and pale skin. Her fuku consists of a dark blue-violet choker, collar, tiara gem, elbow fittings of gloves, miniskirt, and boots. Her choker has a six-pointed star. Her earrings are white pearls adorned with a ring to look like her own guardian planet, with white dagger pendants hanging from them. The bows of her fuku are pale maroon. Her gloves have pointy elbow fittings. Her collar does not have any stripes.

She wears knee-high boots laced up in the front. Her shoulder pads resemble flower petals and she has a white crystal on the center of her front bow similar to a pure heart crystal.



As the ninth and last Sailor Soldier of the first Silver Millennium, and the fourth Senshi to defend the Moon Kingdom from threats beyond the solar system, Sailor Saturn was isolated from most people of the Moon; including her fellow Sailor Senshi. Forced to live on a forbidden and desolate world, she could only be called upon when the worst of the worst reached the peaceful kingdom of the Moon. To do so required three special talismans to call or awaken her spirit as a last resort. Once awakened, she unleashed her massively strong destructive and deadly powers to annihilate all; reducing everything to the point of nonexistence. After utilizing her abilities to their greatest potential, Saturn also "perished" and had her spirit/soul successfully reborn and reincarnated into the body of a human girl (who strikingly resembles her) until she and her supreme deathly powers would be needed again.

Season Three: Death Busters

Her voice is first heard in a dream seen by her own reincarnation, Rei and Mamoru, insisting that the three talismans must come together as soon as possible.

She is then seen in a flashback when Sailors' Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are explaining what had really occurred when Silver Millennium was annihilated during the time of the old queen and princess. She was then summoned from her own home realm, the forbidden planet, when the Space Sword, the Aqua Mirror and the Garnet Rod had resonated. Knowing her mission, Sailor Saturn had swung down her strongest and most deadly weapon, the Silence Glaive, thus unleashing its vastly powerful destructive abilities to their full strength and obliterating all that had already been destroyed by Queen Metalia, and reducing everything to ruin. The other three Outer Sailors then show that her spirit/soul was reborn in the body of none other than Hotaru Tomoe; her look-alike reincarnation. She continues to give encouragement to Hotaru, saying that she must protect those she cares about as best she can with all her heart.

After Super Sailor Moon had plunged herself into Master Pharaoh 90, the Space Sword, the Aqua Mirror and the Garnet Orb resonated for the second time and Sailor Saturn herself appeared, floating in an orb of light purple light. She straightened up, her symbol glowed on her forehead and stoically introduced herself as an emissary from the abyss of death, who was protected by the planet of ruin and was the Guardian of Silence. She expressed amusement at how long it had not been until she was last called upon by a pulling simple trigger, and that she would always be an uninvited guest. She then lowered herself down, holding her Silence Glaive aloft and plunged its end right into Pharaoh 90, unleashing purple rays of supremely powerful destructive energy that gravely weakened and gradually damaged the evil force. She revealed how certain coincidences had begun to accumulate and had caused even the slightest alter in history. She then explained that her host, Hotaru, was supposed to have perished in the fire in Mugen Academy that killed Hotaru's mother, but she had unexpectedly survived and began her new life as a cyborg; which put a huge strain on both her body and Saturn's own spirit, one that should not have awakened. Souichi Tomoe's twisted mind had attracted Master Pharaoh 90 from his dying star system and the evil entity established himself in Mugen Academy, "the chosen land." And that the fact that everything was headed down toward the path of destruction was all predestined by fate. And now she has awakened, she must swing down her Silence Glaive, the scythe of the Goddess of Death, therefore annihilating everything and everyone on Earth. She then hovered up to the skies and unleashed her strongest and most destructive/deadliest of attack of all-Death Reborn Revolution-which resulted in a swarm of dark purple ribbons to swirl all around her, releasing a strong blast of deadly wind and began to slowly obliterate and wipe out everything and everyone in its path with supremely powerful energy rays. She expressed her hatred for Pharaoh 90, demanding that he return to complete and utter nothingness, and that it is time for her to condemn the world to annihilation as well. As she charged her Silence Glaive with even more destructive power, she slowly swung it down on its sharp end.

Colossal explosions of immensely high destructive force suddenly occurred all over the city; causing buildings to collapse, seas to dry up, the earth to quake violently, and people to perish. As her mighty powers of death and destruction grew stronger, she reveled in the intense agony and annihilation she brought upon Pharaoh 90 at the moment of his well-deserved demise. It was then that Super Sailor Moon sprung out of what remained of Pharaoh 90; unharmed and unscathed in an orb of soft moonlight. Looking around her, she noticed Sailor Saturn, who firmly declared that she (and she alone) would lead the continued obliterating Pharaoh 90 to the silent void of oblivion and nothingness. She demanded that Super Sailor Pluto use her time-space abilities to forever close the Door that should never have opened to the Tau System, therefore cutting it off from the Solar system. The Guardian of Time started to object, but Saturn said that she must hurry. As the Door of Space-Time was summoned by Super Sailor Pluto's Dark Dome Close ability, Super Sailor Uranus realized Saturn's intention: lead the last traces of Pharaoh 90 into the very heart of the Space-Time Door and allow herself to follow him in the process. The other Super Sailor Guardians begged her not to do it, as they knew that the Guardian of Doom would be forever lost to them. Sailor Saturn calmly assured all not to be distraught, as "hope and rebirth always come with the end" and that the only one capable of bringing them forth was Super Sailor Moon. And because she had released the mighty powers of both the Holy Grail and the Silver Crystal, this world could be saved. Saturn explained that she only served as Guardian of Silence and Destruction, necessary for rebirth and rejuvenation to follow. She gave Super Sailor Chibi Moon a reassuring smile and allowed the Space-Time Door to take her along with the destroyed and lifeless Pharaoh 90.

Moments after Super Sailor Moon transformed into Neo Queen Serenity and healed the world from the destruction, a ray of bright purple light emanated from the ruins of Mugen Academy, where the cries of a newborn were heard. Super Sailor Neptune came to realize that the infant was indeed Sailor Saturn herself; once again reborn as Hotaru.

Powers and Abilities

Saturn has vastly strong powers based entirely on silence and destruction, ruin and nothingness, death and rebirth themselves. She possesses the power to completely obliterate an entire planet into oblivion; thus reducing everything and everyone on said world to complete and utter nothingness by swinging down her weapon, the Silence Glaive. After the destruction of all, including herself, everything destroyed would be reborn in the future. She was shown to be powerful enough to fatally damage Pharaoh 90 while he was merged with the Earth, and was capable of forcing him from the planet's surface.

In addition to destructive powers, she also has healing abilities, which she could use as Hotaru.

She can also restore her host's memories of her previous life and instinctively let her own spirit awaken from dormancy; deep within the subconscious mind of Hotaru should the situation be dire enough to call upon her.




  • She is seen the opening credits of Season Three with a cold expression, holding her Silence Glaive downward before a large full moon on a red sky. However, she was never shown in the opening credits of the original anime's third season.
  • According to Pharaoh 90, she has a huge and dark aura of negative energy.
  • In the original anime, she rarely appeared in the third and fifth seasons, but never appeared even once in the fourth. Nor was she ever seen transforming into her evolved Super Sailor form via Saturn Crystal Power! Make Up! on screen; despite being seen alone several times.
  • Her tiara gem is blue-violet (which is her signature color), rather than white; like in the original anime and manga.
  • Although Saturn Planet Power was not heard, it is implied that she was transforming into her regular Sailor form, as indicated when the planet Saturn is seen in the background behind her when she striked her final pose.


Sailor moon crystal infinity arc character art
Sailor Saturn alongside the other Solar System Senshi in the official art for the Sailor Moon Crystal arc
Saturn Mistress9
Sailor Saturn and Mistress 9 holding the Silver Crystal.

Sailor Saturn
Sailor Saturn
Sailor Saturn&#039;s face
Sailor Saturn's face up close
Sailor Saturn Awakens
Sailor Saturn awakens
Sailor Saturn fight
Sailor Saturn damages Pharaoh 90
Silence Glaive swung
Sailor Saturn swings the Silence Glaive

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