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Black Moon Arc

Sailor Pluto and Diana
Sailor Pluto thanking Diana.
Pluto dies in the Black Moon arc after using Time Stop

Infinity Arc

Pluto puu
Sailor Pluto awakens
Group m06
Sailor Pluto with the Garnet Orb
Sailor Pluto with the Garnet Orb

Dream Arc

The Outer Senshi manga
All of the Outer Solar System Sailor Senshi together in the Dream arc

Stars Arc

M galacticacannon

Artbook Art

The Outer Senshi and Their Talismens
NeoQueenSerenity KingEndymion Pluto Artbook 2
Neo-Queen Serenity, King Endymion, and Sailor Pluto in Artbook 2. Art by Naoko Takeuchi
The Inner Senshi, Sailor Pluto, Chibiusa, Tuxedo Mask, and NeoQueen Serenity - Artbook 2
Artwork of the five Inner Senshi, Chibiusa, Sailor Pluto, Tuxedo Mask and Neo Queen Serenity in Artbook 2. Cover of Act 20. Art by Naoko Takeuchi
InnerSenshiAndSailorPluto Artbook 2
The Inner Senshi and Sailor Pluto in Artbook 2. Art by Naoko Takeuchi
Sailor Pluto and Inner Senshi Volume 6 and Artbook 2
Sailor Pluto and the Inner Senshi in Artbook 2. Cover of Volume 6 (tankōbon). Art by Naoko Takeuchi

Concept Art

Sailor Pluto Concept Art
Sailor Pluto's concept art.
Sailor Neptune Pluto Uranus Concept Art


NewArt 19
Kanzanban 7
Sailor Pluto and Sailor Saturn on the cover of Volume 7 of the kanzenban manga.
Pluto by Arina Tanemura
Sailor Pluto by Arina Tanemura.

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