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Sailor Moon Italian Logo

One of the Italian Logos of the series.

Sailor Moon in Italy refers to translations and merchandise of the Sailor Moon franchise distributed in Italy. The anime was broadcasted there and volumes of the manga were translated, and a number of relevant magazines were released as well. In 2010, Backstage Licensing and Toei made a deal to give Backstage Licensing the liscence to everything related to Sailor Moon. The anime was first aired by Mediaset in 1995 with episodes airing every day of the week except for Sunday. The episodes of the first 2 seasons began on the children's programming block Bim Bum Bam on Canale 5 and the rest of the seasons were shown on Italia 1. The first 2 movies were listed as special episodes of Sailor Moon S, while the final movie was a Sailor Moon SuperS special. Once the third movie aired, the specials were broadcasted.


Censorship and Changes

  • A number of parents' organisations and psychologists claimed that the violent scenes and sexual references in Sailor Moon made the show unsuitable for children. In response to this, a number of changes where made from the original anime, one being that from episode 188 onward, the Sailor Starlights were despicted as the Three Lights' twin sisters.
  • Zoisite and Fish Eye were redepicted as women.
  • Haruka and Michiru Kaiou were shown as two friends who regarded each other as sisters.
  • Wiseman was depicted as Death Phantom's servant as opposed to Death Phantom himself.
  • All scenes of Fisheye without a shirt in episode 140 were replaced by fixed images of different shots or were zoomed in on.
  • Like the Latin American and German dubs, episode 89 was never aired.
  • Episodes 138-147 were aired in reverse order.
  • Almost all of the original songs were removed.
  • The last episode's ending was removed.


Transformations, Attacks, Terms, and Items



Terms and Items



Sailor Moon Italian Manga Logo
Another Italian logo of the series that is found on Italian Sailor Moon Pocket Books
Sailor Moon R Italian Logo
Italian logo of season 2 (R)
Sailor Moon S Italian Logo
Italian logo of season 3 (S)
Sailor Moon SuperS Italian Logo
Italian logo of season 4 (SuperS)
Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Italian Logo
Italian logo of season 5 (Sailor Stars)

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