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Sailor Moon Hebrew Logo
This article is about anything related to Sailor Moon releases in the country of Israel. The anime was released there in 2011.


Original Hebrew
Ikuko Tsukino Ikoko Tsukino
Makaiju Ets Ha-Avadon
Calaveras Calabras
Berthier Bertier
Esmeraude Esmerodo
Saphir Sapir
Prince Demande Demand
Death Phantom Phantom Ha-Mavet
Hotaru Tomoe Hutaro Tomoe
Kaolinite Kaurinite
Eudial Yugiel
Tellu Telulu
Viluy Viruit
Ptilol Petirol
Mistress 9 Ha Gveret Ha-Tshi'eet
Messiah of Silence Ha Meschicha Shel Ha-Dmama
Pegasus Pegasos
Amazon Trio Shlishiyat Amazon
Tiger's Eye Ein-Namer
Fish Eye Ein-Dag
Hawk's Eye Ein-Ait
Lemures Remless
Phage Phange
Three Lights Shloshet Ha-Orot

Censorship and Changes

Zoisite was given a stereotypically gay voice. While the Sailors said "Wake Up" instead of "Make Up" when transforming, the translators decided to have them still say Wake Up after realizing their error as they felt it had a better ring in Hebrew than "Make Up". Fisheye remained male. All nude scenes were censored by blurring the character's bodies.


Voice Actor Character
Michal Resheff Usagi Tsukino up to episode 149 and then from 176 onwards
Hadar Shachaf Ma'ayan Usagi Tsukino from episodes 150-175
Anat Alpan Chibusa, Black Lady and Light of Hope
Maya Bar-Shalom Luna, Ikuko Tsukino, Petz, Eudial, Cyprine, Ptilol, Sailor Galaxia
Elad Samocha Ami Mizuno from episodes 1-150
Shira Naor Ami Mizuno from episode 151 onwards
Liat Har-Lev Rei Hino, Unazuki Furuhata in episode 69
Noah Kashapitzki Makoto Kino
Hilly Israel Minako Aino
Tzvika Forman Mamoru Chiba, Artemis
Sharon Shachal Setsuna Meiou, An,Calaveras,Unazuki Furuhata (bar episode 69) 
Avital Abergil Haruka Tenou
Sapir Darmon Michiru Kaiou,PallaPalla,Sailor Lead Crow
Efrat Ben-Israel Queen Beryl,Esmeraude,Telulu,Zirconia,Princess Kakyuu
Orly Katan Haruna Sakurada,Queen Metalia,Koan,Kaolinite,Queen Nehellenia,CereCere,Sailor Aluminum Seiren
Guy Roshiniack Jadeite,Kunzite,Ail,Wiseman,Prince Demande,Ein-Namer,Grandpa Hino in season 2
Liron Lev Kenji Tsukino,Shingo Tsukino,Nephrite,Rubeus,Ein-Dag,Motoki Furuhata in season 2,Souichi Tomoe in season 5 and Kou Seiya
Yuval Garbash Zoisite and Motoki Furuhata in season 1 and Grandpa Hino in season 1.
Eitan Greenburg Gurio Umino,Saphir
May Jacobson Naru Osaka,Berthier,Mimete,Viruit,Diana,JunJun,Sailor Archabat Bazel,Sailor Tin Nyanko
Yuval Segal Souichi Tomoe in season 3, Ein-Ait, Granpa Hino (in season 3)
Orly Tagar Hotaru Tomoe/Messiah of Silence
Sa'ar Badishi Yaten Kou
Michael Einav Taiki Kou

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