Rollbacks, like bureaucrats and administrators, are users with a couple of additional functions.

Rollbacks are users who can rollback (a.k.a undo) all of a user's edits on a page. However, unlike admins or bureacrats, they cannot block people or promote them. Because of this, they are given the nickname "helpful users".

Who are this wiki's rollbacks?

These are the rollbacks:


  • StarsandPeacesigns
    • An admin, bureaucrat, and rollback. She is the top editor of the wiki.
  • AnimeOtaku13
    • An admin and rollback who is the second top editor of the wiki.
  • UsagiTsukinoChan
    • A rollback who is the eleventh top editor of the wiki.


  • Enjoyableari
    • A rollback who hasn't been active since March 2013.
  • Zoi1
    • An admin, bureaucrat, and rollback. Hasn't been active since May 2013.

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