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Welcome to the Sailor Moon Wiki! This wiki is a collaborative encyclopedia for everything related to the metaseries Sailor Moon. The wiki format allows wiki users to create or edit any article, so we can all work together to create a comprehensive database.

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Featured Character
Crystal Mook - Kunzite-sama
Kunzite is the fourth and final of the Shitennou to appear in the second anime series. He was also, originally, a knight and guardian of his master Prince Endymion, but had his memories sealed away by Queen Beryl and Queen Metaria to be a pawn for the Dark Kingdom. This is the original depiction of the character created by Naoko Takeuchi... (Read More/Nominate a featured character)
Featured Quote

I must protect...the "legendary Silver Crystal" and the Moon Princess!!
- Usagi in Act 6

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Did you know?

Chibiusa is popular among Japanese fans. However, many fans in the west aren't really fond of her.

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January 27

Current Poll
Greetings Moonatics! With the end of the Dark Kingdom arc in the Sailor Moon Crystal anime, are you excited for the Black Moon arc to begin?

The poll was created at 03:24 on January 6, 2015, and so far 288 people voted.
PGSM Crystal Episode Rating Poll
What did you think of the fourteenth episode of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal?

The poll was created at 01:59 on January 22, 2015, and so far 55 people voted.
Sailor Moon News

Here is the newest info on official news regarding the Sailor Moon Series:
December 2014

  • Act 11 and Act 12 of the Sailor Moon Crystal anime will be released on the first and third Saturdays of the month respectively.
  • The Sailor Moon Ochatomo series will be released.
  • The limited edition Blu-ray version of the "Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal Vol. 3 (DVD)" was released on December 10, as well as the normal Blu-ray/DVD release(s) of the second DVD.

January 2015

  • Act 13 and Act 14 of the Sailor Moon Crystal anime will be released on the first and third Saturdays of the month respectively.
  • The limited edition Blu-ray version of "Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal Vol. 4 (DVD)" will be released on January 14, as well as the regular editions of the third DVD.
Sailor Moon Blogs
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  • CrossingRiver

    So I'm new here

    January 27, 2015 by CrossingRiver

    So I'm a newbie here & I created Hiroki Takahashi's page thanks to the news this morning. I'd joined this wikia just cause my friend is enjoying the series as heck.

    And as one can know, yes. My Avatar…

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  • Wikiuser52

    Musicthepegasus's Q&A

    January 24, 2015 by Wikiuser52
    1. Fave Senshi? Sailor Jupiter
    2. Who's your least fave? Sailor Saturn
    3. What else do you like? How the new Sailor Moon anime is kicking major butt!
    4. Favorite TV show and fave food? Charmed and organic chicken
    5. If…
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  • AnimeOtaku13

    Hey guys, it's Liz here. Sorry for the inactivity for the past few weeks. Well, I wasn't completely inactive, but I was off basically for a good amount of time.

    Yeah, so the main reason is that midter…

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