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In 1997 Buena Vista Home Video released 6 Sailor Moon VHS's, they also released The Doom Tree Series in
2000. A.D.V were the second to release Sailor Moon VHS with total of 20 VHS tapes. In 2001 Pioneer released the entire S & Super S season as well as the movies.

Buena Vista Home Video

Sailor Moon: A Moon Star Is Born was released in April 30, 1997. The episodes contained were A Moon Star is Born & Talk Radio.

The second released was Sailor Moon: Scouts Unite! in March 11, 1997. This VHS includes Computer School Blues & An Uncharmed Life.

Sailor Moon: Evil Eyes was the third to be released in March 18, 1997. The episodes included Cruise Blues & Shutter Bugged.

Sailor Moon: Jupiter & Venus Arrive! was releases in April 30, 1997. The episodes includes Jupiter Comes Thundering In & Venus Makes the Scene.

Sailor Moon: Secret Identities is the fifth VHS & was released in April 30, 1997. This VHS includes A Crystal Clear Destiny & A Reluctant Princess.

The last was Sailor Moon: Good Queen, Bad Queen it was released in April 30, 1997. The VHS includes The Past Returns & Day of Destiny.

The Doom Tree Series was released 2 years later in July 12, 2000. It came with 4 volumes with the Doom Tree episodes.

Sailor Moon VHS DIC Doom Tree Ad

A.D.V Flims

During the fall A.D.V Flims got the rights to distribute the first two season.

Sailor Moon: The Legend Begins Vol.1 was released in November 21, 2000, containing the first four episodes. A Moon Star Is Born, Talk Radio, Slim City, & So You Want To Be A Star.

Sailor Moon: The Power of Friendship Vol.2 was released in November 21, 2000. The episodes were Computer School Blues, Time Bomb, An Uncharmed Life, & Nightmare in Dreamland.

Sailor Moon: Sailor Mars Joins the Battle Vol.3 was released in January 9, 2001, containing episodes Cruise Blues, Fight to the Finish, Match Point for Sailor Moon, & An Unnatural Phenomena.

Sailor Moon: Mysterious Tuxedo Mask Vol.4 was released in January 9, 2001, contained episodes 13-16.

Sailor Moon: Red Hearts & Silver Crystals Vol.5 was released in February 13, 2001, contained episodes 17-20.

51SGJSX9R0L. SL500 SS500
Sailor Moon: Introducing Sailor Jupiter Vol.6 was released in February 13, 2001, containing Jupiter Comes Thundering In, The Power of Friendship, Mercury's Mental Match, & An Artful Attack.

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