Sailor Moon SuperS in Paris
Sailor Moon SuperS IN PARIS

Forte Music Entertainment


J-Pop, Pop, French pop


Hiroko Asakawa

# of tracks




Release date

March 21, 1995

Sailor Moon SuperS in Paris is an album that features French versions of some songs from the anime (particularly the SuperS season). The songs are all performed by Hiroko Asakawa.

Track List

  1. Moonlight Legend^
  2. Roman Apocalypse
  3. Moonlight Magic
  4. The Orchestrated Month
  5. Moonlight Destiny
  6. Theme of the Sailor Team
  7. I Love You, Mysterious Experience
  8. Moon Revenge
  9. Love Is the Guardian Star
  10. Tuxedo Mirage

^ - This track is not in French and the only things that changed are the instrumental.

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